Cindy and Taylor Baking Impossible - Are they dating?
Baking Impossible: Season 1. c. Patrick Wymore/Netflix

Cindy and Taylor Baking Impossible - Are they dating?

Baking Impossible’s favorite duo Cindy and Taylor went against the other cake-making contestants. Sweets aside, are they now dating?

From sushi-themed chocolate creations to fantasy boats with dragons with wings that open up 180 degrees, Baking Impossible really does have no end.

Well, in the literal sense, it did have to crown its winner at some point, but in the imaginative sense, the Netflix competition’s creativity never stops.

They may have teamed up for the show, but rumor has it that they could now be dating. Reality Titbit explored their love lives to find out more.

Baking Impossible Season 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Baking Impossible Season 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Who are Cindy and Taylor?

Taylor is an engineer, while Cindy is a keen baker (which Taylor does as a side hobby), and they both competed on Baking Impossible together.

Based in Roseville and San Jose, Cindy has a wealth of experience on cooking shows: Food Network’s The Big Bake episode 3, and Cake All.

In fact, she won during both of her debuts on those shows!

Taylor, based in San Francisco, is a contract researcher in Accenture Labs Future Technology Group, prototyping and exploring Smart Materials.

Before that, he worked at Deeplocal, making interactive engineered systems and experiences – such as making robots for Google!

Netflix viewers have dating Qs

Their chemistry was not missed by fans, who hoped and wished that they were dating in real life, and not just paired up on the show.

Looking through Instagram and Twitter, viewers are incredibly eager to find out if Cindy and Taylor have anything romantic going on…

One fan said: “Cindy & Taylor are they together already? E6.”

Another wrote: “Is there sexual tension between Cindy & Taylor or am I just projecting? #BakingImpossible.”

“Did you ever have any contact with Cindy before? The chemistry you have is amazing guys!”, wrote a fan on Taylor’s Instagram photo.

Are Cindy and Taylor dating?

No, much to fan disappointment, the Netflix duo are not dating.

Cindy is actually in a relationship with a guy called Jason, who she recently got a new puppy called Tater Tot Nelson with.

Their dog has its own Instagram, which you can follow at @tatertotnelson!

Taylor, on the other hand, appears to be single.

Several comments on his Instagram page question if him and Cindy are dating, with many having noticed their “chemistry” on the show.



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