On Netflix’s popular reality show My Unorthodox Life, you follow the life of businesswoman Julia Haart. But it also featured Julia Haart’s assistant and friend Robert Brotherton, but after her firing are the pair still friends?

As fans of the Netflix hit My Unorthodox Life will know, the reality show does not just follow the matriarch. Julia Haart and her family, which includes her children Batsheva Haart; Shlomo Haart; Miriam Haart; and Aron Hendler, are often featured on the series. Not only that, but Julia Haart’s personal assistant and friend Robert Brotherton is often in many scenes.

Those who don’t watch the hit Netflix My Unorthodox Life might not know who Robert Brotherton is, so let’s find out.

We ask who is Robert Brotherton and more importantly what happened to him after Julia Haart’s firing, and are the pair still friends.

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Who is Robert Brotherton?

Robert Brotherton is a 35-year-old marketing and operations executive. He was born and raised in Texas and after graduation from high school, he moved to NewYork to pursue a degree in the arts.

Brotherton, a naturally talented singer, and performer studied Music Performace and Opera as well as advertising management at Syracuse University. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts.

As per his LinkedIn page, Brotherton started out in public relations and corporate communications in 2008.

He later went on to work at ESCADA and La Perla before becoming COO of Elite World Group in 2018.

Robert Brotherton was introduced in season 1 of My Unorthodox Life, and viewers instantly loved him. He was first introduced as Julia’s right-hand man.

He quickly became a fan favorite, not only acting as Haart’s assistant but a trusted friend, helped the star during Julia Haart’s and Silvio Scaglia’s bitter divorce.

What happened to Brotherton after Scaglia fired Haart from EWG?

As fans of Netflix’s My Unorthodox Life know, season two of the show followed Haart as she navigated through her firing as CEO of Elite World Group.

In February 2022 Haart’s now ex-husband Silvia Scaglia fired her from their company EWG.

Since there is no season 3, yet, we don’t know what happened to Julia Haart’s assistant Robert Brotherton after her firing.

According to reports, Brotherton was initially suspended with pay after Julia was fired. Days later, his fate was sealed, and he too was officially let go from EWG, like his former boss and friend Haart.

However, as fans of the show will know, by the end of season 2 Brotherton was already contemplating leaving EWG and pursuing his creativity as a profession.

Since filming stopped Brotherton has found himself an agent and has begun making establishing a name for himself in the performance entertainment industry.

In November 2022, he made his Broadway debut with My Unorthodox Christmas Cabaret at Broadway’s supper club 54 Below, which is owned by Broadway producers.

Are Julia Haart and Robert Brotherton still friends?

Despite being fired from EWG, Brotherton and Haart remain friends. As of 2021 the pair were seen together, attending the opening night of the new Candace Bushnell show Is There Sex In The City? in December 2021. The friends also continue to follow each other on Instagram.

With Haart sharing a post on Instagram, underneath a cast photo that included Brotherton: “So incredibly grateful for our family, friends, and fans, for holding our hands throughout this journey and sharing it with us. For always being there with a kind word, never ending support, and so much love! We hope you watch our story, and that it helps you create your own.

Brotherton, along with her daughter Batsheva, helped Julia during her bitter divorce from Scaglia.

Although the pair no longer work together, they could soon be colleagues again. As reports say that Brotherton will likely serve as the COO for Julia Haart’s new tech endeavor, Haart Sphere. Although this is yet to be confirmed.

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