Perfect Match has finally arrived on Netflix, and we’ve already seen a strong couple form in Dom and Francesca, but are they still together?

The Mole met Too Hot To Handle when Dom Gabriel and Francesca Farago started their relationship in the Perfect Match villa, but it looks like the two didn’t stay as most compatible for long.

We take a look at how the relationship between Francesca and Dom stands now, and if they were in fact the Perfect Match after all.

*Perfect Match spoilers ahead*

Dom and Francesca on Perfect Match

They looked great, they played great, and at the end of episode 4, it seemed like the two were endgame when they were most compatible.

Dom even told the cameras that he had found his ‘Perfect Match’ in Francesca.

However, poor Dom was left in tears when Francesca decided to go on a date with new contestant, Love Is Blind‘s Damian Powers. The pair had been linked in the past but Francesca told The Mole star that they had never even kissed.

We guess we’ll have to wait until the next set of episodes to see what goes down there!

Are Perfect Match’s Dom and Francesca still together?

Unfortunately, for those who ship the couple, the two aren’t together anymore, and it has nothing to do with Damian.

In fact, the Too Hot To Handle alum is dating someone completely new, TikToker Jesse Sullivan.

As we know, Perfect Match was filmed in March 2022, and Francesca began dating Jesse at some point after the show was filmed in 2022.

Speaking to Elite Daily on how the pair met, Francesca said they met on zoom at a TikTok Pride event. She revealed that the pair “fell in love quickly.” Although the star didn’t find her match on Netflix, it seems like she has now.

The two are not shy in posting their relationship online and Jesse even took to his Instagram to write “Found my Perfect Match.” Francesca then commented: “HAHA THE CAPTION.” Ouch!

The Perfect Match couple still follow each other on Instagram

Although they may not have been the Perfect Match, it seems like the pair didn’t end on bad terms as Dom and Francesca still follow each other on Instagram, as well as the rest of the cast.

Dom hasn’t given anything away about his current relationship status just yet, so it’s likely we’ll have to wait until the final of the show airs on February 28 to see what he’s been up to.

However, it seems like he may have found his Perfect bromance Match in The Ultimatum‘s Zay Wilson. Dom took to his Instagram stories to share a video of the two dancing captioned: “When me and @zaywilson are outside, it’s a problem.”



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