Robin and Julie in Is She The Wolf are one of the couples who develop a bond pretty quickly. However, one of them is withholding a secret that’s eating them up inside. Are they still together now?

It’s the Netflix series where five women and five men go on dates. However, a few females are ‘wolves’ forbidden from falling in love. Robin and Julie were just two of ten stars to undergo the experiment.

Robin Furuya and Julie clink wine glasses while smiling.
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Robin and Julie on Is She The Wolf

Is She The Wolf couple Robin and Julie met at the oath ceremony. However, Julie had been assigned the role of a wolf, meaning that she could not reveal her identity until the final confession came around.

She immediately found herself attracted to Robin Furuya. Describing the moment as love at first sight, Robin felt the same by gifting her his cologne that the men give to a woman they’re interested in.

Sakurako Okubo asked Robin on a date, which left Julie feeling jealous. Robin had noticed that she did not like when Robin interacted with other women but wanted to see who he was most compatible with.

They still follow each other

Robin and Julie still follow each other on Instagram. On the show, Robin said that while he was definitely interested in her, he was at 65% compared to her 100% and wanted to be honest about the same.

Towards the end, Julie had to let go of her balloon, indicating she was a wolf, before walking away without a word or showing her face to Robin. However, he stopped Julie and hugged her from behind.

She had done the same to him mid-way through the season. The singer then played a heartbreaking song titled Don’t Run Out of Love for Robin, in which she confessed all her feelings for him.

Spoilers – Is She The Wolf finale

Julie is chosen by Robin as his partner during the Is She The Wolf finale. He did this by asking Julie on a private date using the MOON line in the final confessional and taking pictures of her.

They even shared a romantic kiss! However, Robin’s Facebook page states he is single. The two haven’t shared any pictures with each other on social media, either, but this is due to a contract.

When asked if he and Julie are together, he stays schtum. One fan wrote, “I hope you find someone likewise you mentioned in the show,” and got a reply from Robin. He said: “Thanks for your kind words.”


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