Are Tamara Falco and Iñigo Onieva still together after Netflix debut?
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Are Tamara Falco and Iñigo Onieva still together after Netflix debut?

Netflix subscribers get a glimpse into the world of aristocrat and socialite Tamara Falco in 2022. A brand new six-episode series, Lady Tamara, dropped on the streaming service on August 4th. Lady Tamara sees Tamara Falco in her daily life which includes photoshoots, birthday planning and feeding her dog titbits of avocado. Viewers are also introduced to Tamara’s boyfriend, Iñigo Onieva.

The Netflix show kicks off with the celebrations of Tamara’s fortieth birthday.

As well as being a socialite, Tamara is a chef and the series takes a look at her process of developing a restaurant. Lady Tamara is certainly no stranger to being in the spotlight.

She said that “her entire life can be tracked on the magazine covers of Hello!” during the series.

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Who is Iñigo Onieva?

Iñigo Onieva is 33 years old. He can be found on Instagram @ionieva with 49K followers.

He appears on Lady Tamara in 2022 and is currently in a relationship with Tamara Falco. writes that he was previously in a relationship with actress Lucía Guerrero.

Iñigo reportedly works as a car designer. From his Instagram page, it’s clear to see that Iñigo designs more than just cars. He has a separate IG page for his work where he writes his services in his bio including graphic design, branding, product and industrial design.

Iñigo and Tamara’s relationship

During Lady Tamara, Tamara Falco describes Iñigo Onieva as one of the “gems” in her life.

The two have been together since 2020 and, judging by Instagram, they’re still going strong.

Iñigo and Tamara have a seven-year age gap, he’s 33 and she’s 40 years old.

Their Instagram pages show that they’ve both holidayed together in 2022 as well as travelling abroad separately.

Tamara is ‘positive’ the cheating rumours are false

Although Tamara and Iñigo have been together two years and she was talking about their future including marriage, their relationship has had some rocky moments.

Speaking on Lady Tamara episode 1, she said: “There was a contestant on the reality show, Supervivientes, who said that Iñigo tried to make out with her and that he cheated on me at a party.”

Tamara added that it’s even more “ridiculous” that people think that she “knows about it” and “puts up with infidelity”.

She said that she and Iñigo “ignore” the rumours and continued that she’s “positive that it’s not true”.

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