With weeks of self-isolation and quarantine looming, many are wondering how they will fill their days spent cut-off from the outside world. And if you’re thinking that millions of people are going to be glued to their screens over this period, then yes, you’re probably right.

Let the binge-watching commence!

Netflix have added a science series to their roster this March 2020 with 100 Humans. The show puts some key experiments about human behaviour and nature to the test using, you guessed it, 100 volunteers.

But what would incentivise these volunteers to take part in the series, particularly when some of the experiments involve torturous activities such as shoving your hand in ice water and withstanding electric shocks? We’ve done some digging to find out whether the 100 Humans are paid.

Screenshot: 100 Humans S1 E1 – Netflix

Meet the 100 Humans volunteers

In the first episode, presenter Sammy Obeid explains that they recruited “100 human beings of all ages and backgrounds, representing a cross-section of American society.

There are no particular standout participants throughout the series, as instead of getting to know them individually, they are treated as a homogenous unit. This is to help quantify the results of each experiment.

The series recruited people from all different careers as well, from stay-at-home mothers and teachers to actors and comedians. But this is hardly touched upon during the show.

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Screenshot: 100 Humans S1 E1 – Netflix

Are the 100 Humans paid?

From what we have gathered, no.

In the Netflix series, they refer to the 100 Humans as “volunteers,” and that term largely makes us think they signed up to the show just out of curiosity rather than a big cash motive.

Emmy Award-winner Ryan Zamo was one of the participants (#82). Ryan told Newswire:

It’s not your typical reality show. They also never addressed us by name. I was just referred to as ‘Human Number 82.’ Plus, I really don’t think it’ll hurt my career by volunteering to answer the most sought out questions.

We think a large majority of the 100 Humans cast entered the show for non-financial reasons.

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Meet the 100 Humans

Obviously it would be quite the feat to try and find all of the one hundred participants on the internet, and to find out more about their time on the series. But thanks to the show’s Instagram page, we’ve found some of them!

We found that Human #78 was Dallas Washburn from California. One of the successful balloon-blowing Humans was JT Taylor from Kansas. You can also read about Human #6 – AKA Avalon Warren – here.

We found Human #41 on Instagram, whose good looks won her plenty of fans. Plus, we discovered more about Human #28, who was responsible for the viral tic-tac-toe song!

To find out more about the cast, you can follow the show’s Instagram page @100humansnetflix. They follow the majority of the cast on Instagram.



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