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Are the Selling Sunset cast actually realtors? The truth behind Chrissy Teigen's doubts!

Netflix’s real estate show Selling Sunset highlights the lives of glamorous realtors in Los Angeles.

Estate agents who work for The Oppenheim Group are shown aiming to sell multi-million pound properties to their clients. It brings drama, gossip and a specific look into each of their personal lives.

However American model Chrissy Teigen has recently doubted the Selling Sunset cast’s well-known status as real estate agents. Fans all across the world then became curious about their favourite on-screen reality stars.

So are the Selling Sunset cast actually realtors? Read more to find out the truth!

Jason Oppenheim – Selling Sunset season 2

Get to know The Oppenheim Group

The Oppenheim Group is a Los Angeles-based property firm which twin brothers Jason and Brett founded together. It has been listed as the #1 Luxury Real Estate Agent in Los Angeles.

With more than $1 billion in sales and $300 million in active listings, the firm closes over one hundred deals annually, according to their website. It is located at the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Sunset Plaza Dr. And yes, if you go onto Google Maps, you can quite clearly see the company offices, confirming its status as a real estate agency.

P-Valley | Season 2 Official Trailer | STARZ

Estate agents operate in the Hollywood Hills and Sunset Strip, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Bel Air, Malibu, and beyond, which is shown heavily on Selling Sunset.

Are the Selling Sunset cast real estate agents?

Yes. Chrissy Teigen did question their status on Twitter, as she claims she has “never seen any of these people” when looking at Los Angeles real estate. Curiosity arose among fans who questioned if her tweets were true.

However, on top of the Oppenheim Group showing on Google Maps, a public document shows Davina Potratz’s broker’s license, while the other cast members are listed as salespersons (which is the equivalent to licensed agents in California).

Some of the agents also have their work at the Oppenheim Group listed on their LinkedIn accounts, including Maya Vander and Davina Potratz. The company also has other agents working for them, as listed on their website, such as Youtuber Graham Stephan who regularly makes videos on real estate.

Jason Oppenheim responded to the Chrissy’s tweets. He first reacted by saying:

Chrissy, thanks for watching our show! Regarding your agent’s knowledge of members of my team, I respectfully don’t know him either although that doesn’t mean he isn’t successful and didn’t just sell you a stunning home in Weho (seriously, I love your new house).

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Fans react to Chrissy Teigan’s tweets

Although some fans think the show is purely scripted and ‘fake’, Maya Vander confirmed to us in a recent exclusive interview that it is all completely unscripted.




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