Arlberg Boutique Eatery on Restaurants on the Edge - visit Netflix's transformed ski hotel!

Restaurants on the Edge is the latest addition to Netflix’s culinary travel series, joining the likes of Ugly Delicious, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat and The Chef Show. But this is a series with a twist, as unlike these shows, it has an added makeover element!

Each episode sees Dennis Prescott, Nick Liberato and Karin Bohn journey to a new destination around the world to help a restaurant in dire need of some TLC. Dennis deals with the menu, Nick is the taste-making restauranteur and Karin deals with the interior design.

Episode 5 sees Nick, Dennis and Karin take on the Arlberg Boutique Eatery in Austria.

So, let’s find out more about the hotel and restaurant here, plus more information on how you can visit!

Screenshot: Restaurants on the Edge: Austria – Netflix

Netflix takes on Arlberg Boutique Eatery

First-time owners Miriam and Dave needed help with the Arlberg Boutique Hotel and Restaurant. It is located in Pettneu, a village in the Alps of Austria, in the state of Tyrol.

Miriam is an Austrian local and apprentice chef who took over the restaurant a year before they started filming. Dave came to Austria on a ski season when he met Miriam. The couple have been together for the last seventeen years!

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Their dreams to have their own restaurant and give back to the Pettneu community were hanging by a thread when the Restaurants on the Edge team intervened. Miriam even admitted how much it meant to the two of them, stating “this has to work, there is no back up plan; there is no plan B.”

Arlberg Boutique Eatery transformed

Nick, Karin and Dennis all took on their respective areas when it came to the Arlberg Boutique Eatery. Nick sorted out the branding, Karin remodelled the place, and Dennis helped transform the menu from its confused state to one which would appeal to tourists and locals alike.

When Karin first arrived, all she could comment on was the dated dark wood everywhere, commenting how “heavy” it made the place feel. But with a lacquer of paint and some modern touches, Karin transformed the place!


Screenshot: Restaurants on the Edge: Austria – Netflix


Screenshot: Restaurants on the Edge: Austria – Netflix

How to visit Arlberg Boutique Eatery

The Arlberg Boutique Hotel and Eatery is located in the heart of Pettneu.

You can find the hotel located at Dorf Nr. 117, 6574 Pettneu am Arlberg, Austria.

Read more about booking in to the Arlberg Boutique Hotel and Eatery on their website.

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