Too Hot To Handle is back for season 4 and the temperatures really have been rising among the cast, much to contestant James Pendergrass’ dismay.

In order for the contestants to win the $200,000 they must abstain from each other, which is of course hard to do when you put 10 hot singles all in one villa. However, James is determined to win the money.

We take a look into James, why he may be so determined to win, and his Too Hot To Handle journey so far.

Who is James Pendergrass?

James Pendergrass is a 23-year-old athlete and personal trainer, a profession that seems quite common in this year’s villa.

The PT is also a college student and seemed ecstatic when it was announced the prize fund would be up to $200,000, exclaiming: “I am a college student. I need it! I need it!”

Speaking on his Too Hot To Handle entrance, James said: “I love to win, I love to win at anything.” No wonder he’s abiding by Lana’s rules so well.

As well as juggling his jobs and college, James is also pretty active on Instagram. The star posts many topless sports shots for his 13k followers to admire, so we’re sure that number will be rising soon!

James’ Too Hot To Handle journey so far

James quickly formed a connection with fellow Hawaiian, Brittan. It looked like the pair would get on well, until they found out what show they were on.

Out of all the castmates, James is arguably the one following Lana’s rules best in order to get the prize. However, his co-stars don’t seem as bothered, including partner Brittan.

This seemed to cause a slight rift in the couple’s relationship, as Brittan, who is very open about getting intimate, was getting frustrated by how strictly James wanted to follow virtual assistant Lana’s rules.

We guess we’ll have to wait until next week to see how the pair’s relationship pans out. And of course, if James is successful in making sure the rest of the singletons keep their hands to themselves.

Fans react to James ‘policing’ other contestants

James being probably the only contestant actually wanting to play Lana’s game has fans talking on Twitter. Some feel as though he’s taking it a bit too seriously.

Whereas others see exactly where he’s coming from:

And some just find it downright hilarious!



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