This summer, viewers were introduced to a new favourite sports team to root for when Basketball Or Nothing was dropped to Netflix on Friday, August 2nd.

The sports docu-series follows the Wildcats – a basketball team from Chinle High School in Arizona’s Navajo Nation – on their journey to become a state championship-winning team.

The show has made stars of sophomore Cooper Burbank, graduate Josiah Tsosie and head coach Raul Mendoza. But where are the rest of the Chinle Wildcats now and how is the team doing?

We’ve done some digging into Chinle’s basketball team to find out what they’re up to post-Basketball Or Nothing and what lies ahead for the next season.

Screenshot: Basketball Or Nothing S1 E1 – Netflix

Where are the Chinle Wildcats now?

Since appearing on Basketball Or Nothing, the team has changed. Partly as some of the Wildcats graduated from Chinle High School and also because new recruits have come through.

Since last autumn 2018, Chance Harvey and Dewayne Tom have been attending the SAGU American Indian College in Phoenix, Arizona. They both play on their Warriors b-ball team. Josiah Tsosie is also at university but is at Arizona State.

Cooper Burbank, Angelo Lewis, Curtis Begay and Cael Denetdeel have still been at high school and playing on the team, where coach Mendoza continues to push them towards the dream of winning state.

How are the Wildcats doing post-show?

As the Wildcats won the 3A North regional title, they had their sights set on higher goals. They were undefeated in their 2018 season and were the top seed in the state tournament but things went awry in the state quarterfinals.

Since the start of the 2018 to 2019 season, the Chinle Wildcats were been back and better than ever.

They still didn’t make it to state but they had a mega season. Out of 33 games, they only lost 6. But sadly one of their losses was to Sabino at the 2019 AIA basketball state championships, where they beat Chinle to the final four.

Will the Wildcats win state?

High school basketball season commences around mid-November, so they will have had all of summer to re-energise for the coming season.

As this is star player Cooper Burbank’s last season with the Wildcats (he will be a senior from 2019 to 2020), here’s hoping that they have it in them to make it to the state championships. Or at least to the final four!

Whatever happens, we’re sure Basketball Or Nothing fans will want a second season to follow up with the team and coach Mendoza.



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