Netflix is bringing out series this year like it ain’t no thing. Already this summer we’ve seen the return of Queer Eye, Last Chance U and now we have a new sports docu-series which is proving itself as Netflix’s breakout series of the summer.

Basketball Or Nothing follows the Wildcats basketball team of Chinle High School in their pursuit of becoming Arizona’s state champions. And for these boys, basketball is everything.

But for one of the stars of the show, they were less keen to pursue their basketball ambitions at a higher level.

Junior Angelo Lewis left everyone wondering which path he would go down at the end of Basketball Or Nothing. So where is Angelo now and does he still play basketball?

Screenshot: Basketball Or Nothing S1 E2 – Netflix

Meet Angelo Lewis…

We meet Angelo Lewis in Basketball Or Nothing as a junior at Chinle High School.

When we are properly introduced to Angelo in episode 2, he says that his plans for after high school are to “build powerplants with my older brother” and not pursue a career in basketball.

Guidance Counselor Donald Campbell said with his talent, Angelo “could play D1” but the 6ft 3 18-year-old seems less interested in this ambition.

And a lot of what gets in the way is Angelo’s intense dislike for school. With a wry smile, Angelo says to the camera: “Homework? I don’t really get that much homework from my classes. But when I do I finish it when I get home. If I do then I turn it in a day late”.

Concerns for Angelo on Basketball Or Nothing

One of the sports advisors was concerned about Angelo during the filming of Basketball Or Nothing. He said: “It’s really hard to say which path he’s going to go.”

One of the fears of the teachers is that the players will get involved with drugs and alcohol, which are two major problems for kids on the rez, as is the high suicide rate there.

Angelo Lewis shares that he sees drugs on a day-to-day basis and sees “people lose their lives over it” and was hesitant to talk about issues close to him.

Angelo is fully aware of what his teachers and mentors are expecting from him and said “they want to see me make it… make it out of the rez, go to a college. That’s not what I want to do, I just want to go to work and help my family”.

Screenshot: Basketball Or Nothing S1 E2 – Netflix

Where is Angelo now?

At the end of Basketball Or Nothing, the producers mentioned that Angelo Lewis was named 2nd team All-Conference in his senior year.

But they also mentioned that the Wildcats were “upset” at the state quarter-finals and did not attain the state championship the year Angelo was a senior.

If the plans go his way, Angelo will be pursuing a career at a powerplant rather than basketball after graduating in 2019.

Does Angelo Lewis have Instagram?

Like his Wildcat teammates, Angelo does have Instagram but it’s private.

You can check out his account @angelo.lewis35 where we can see in his bio his Snapchat username is ‘Shlow35’. Angelo also has the initials TKY with a heart next to them in his bio, making us think he’s taken!

The only player on the team who’s Instagram is public is Chance Harvey, who does post updates about the rest of the Wildcats there.



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