Netflix has finally tackled the one sporting area they haven’t ventured to in a new documentary series.

Basketball Or Nothing follows the Chinle Wildcats – a b-ball team from Arizona’s Navajo Nation – on their journey to become potential state champions.

Led by tough Coach Raul Mendoza, the boys get whipped into shape, changing the way they play from ‘rezball’ to champ-winning basketball.

One of the players who stood out to viewers was Chance Harvey, who’s difficult childhood became one of the show’s storylines.

So where is Chance Harvey now and is he still playing basketball? We’ve done some digging to keep up to date with Chance post-Basketball Or Nothing.

Screenshot: Basketball Or Nothing S1 E1 – Netflix

Meet Chance Harvey…

20-year-old Chance ‘Cookie’ Harvey was one of the seniors featured on the Netflix documentary series.

Out of all the players on the Wildcats team, Chance had one of the most difficult stories to share. Episode 3 explored what happened to Chance’s family when he was younger and how his father suddenly died when Chance was just 5-years-old.

His cause of death is unexplained in the show.

Chance and his mother, Laprail Brown, explain how his father was his inspiration to keep going and keep playing the sport.

Who does Chance Harvey play for now?

After a successful season with the Chinle Wildcats, Chance had college lined up for him, particularly as he made ‘3A North Region Defensive Player of the Year’.

SAGU American Indian College in Phoenix, Arizona welcomed Chance Harvey into their basketball team in Fall 2018 with a full scholarship.

Chance is the first person from his family to get a scholarship to college.

Dewayne Tom from Chinle also made the SAGU college basketball team and he is currently rooming with best friend Chance!

Screenshot: Basketball Or Nothing S1 E6 – Netflix

Does Chance Harvey have Instagram?


If you were a fan of Chance’s on the show, then you can follow him on his Instagram @itschance_99.

You won’t find any updates on his basketball career there though, as most of his uploads focus on his day-to-day life activities. And lots of adorable pictures of his puppy Rosco!

Pictures of Chance and best bud Dewayne are also all across his Insta profile.



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