A new sports docu-series has kicked off on Netflix on Friday, August 2nd and already fans are calling it their “favourite thing ever”.

The series follows coach Raul Mendoza as he tries to take the Chinle Wildcats – a basketball team from the Navajo Nation – to the championships and beyond.

One of the stars of the first season was Cooper Burbank, who has dreams of becoming a Division 1 player and the talent to get there.

Here’s everything you need to know about Cooper from Basketball Or Nothing and where he is now after the series ended.

Screenshot: Basketball Or Nothing S1 E1 – Netflix

Who is Cooper Burbank?

Cooper Burbank was a sophomore at Chinle high school while they were filming Basketball Or Nothing and is now a junior.

6ft 3 Cooper grew up in the small town of Red Mesa, Arizona. His mother Joni, who is a school teacher, encouraged him to go to the bigger Chinle High School for a greater challenge.

His basketball idols include Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant. And Cooper’s dreams of playing like his idols aren’t too far off, from the way he is playing.

Cooper was named one of the “top prep players in the state” of Arizona this year and his results are telling. He averages 21.4 points per game and is instrumental in Chinle’s 18-4 record this season.

Cooper on Basketball Or Nothing

Coach Raul Mendoza praised Cooper Burbank’s talent from the outset. He said:

He’s one of those kids that you’ll probably see every ten years as a coach or maybe not at all… He’s going to be the GOAT of Chinle, he has that potential.

And Mendoza thinks so much of Cooper that he made him a captain, which is rare for a sophomore player.

One of the Chinle residents said they think Cooper has what it takes to become the “first Division 1 player out of Chinle”.

At the end of Basketball Or Nothing, we found out that Cooper was named 1st team All-Conference in his junior year.

From Cooper’s NCSA recruiting profile, he says he is “willing to do what it takes to continue playing basketball in the college level”, so let’s hope over the coming years we’ll see Cooper take it to D1 level!

Does Cooper Burbank have Instagram?


Cooper Burbank does have an Instagram account under @cooperburbank but it’s private. And we’ve scoured the internet but can’t seem to find any trace of Cooper on Twitter.

Hopefully, after the show’s success, Cooper will keep all his fans updated on his basketball progress by making his Instagram page public!



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