Netflix’s new show Big Timber follows Kevin Wenstob and his wife along with their family and crew as they work in the logging industry, keep reading to find out more about cast member Sarah Fleming!

Discover all you need to know about Sarah Fleming as we explore her Instagram profile, role in the reality series and more.

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Big Timber | Official Trailer

Big Timber | Official Trailer

Kevin Wenstob’s wife on Big Timber

A new Netflix reality series named Big Timber follows the dangerous work of logger and sawmill owner Kevin Wenstob as he and his crew go to extremes to keep the up family sawmill and their way of life.

Big Timber first premiered the 10-episode season on the History Channel back in October 2020 before recently featuring on the major streaming service, Netflix.

Sarah Fleming is the co-owner of Wenstob Timber Resources alongside her partner, Kevin Wenstob.

Located on Vancouver Island, Canada, the company deal with custom Timbers, lumber and everything in between.

The reality show made its Netflix debut on 2nd July 2021, stream episode 1 on Netflix now!

Who is Sarah Fleming?

Sarah Fleming describes herself as ‘the master of the mill’ at Wenstob Timber Resources, to her husband’s discretion.

As life partners, Kevin and Sarah created the business from nothing after meeting in their early 20s.

Previously obtaining the role as an operating room nurse for 20 years, Fleming entered the company due to self-preservation.

As the business grew, Sarah left her nursing job to acquire more control.

She now takes care of things while her partner sources materials from the mountains.

Spot Sarah on the far left of her colleagues in an image from @wenstobtimber‘s Instagram account.

Explore Sarah on Instagram

Over on her personal Instagram, @flem_67 describes her platform as sharing activities of daily living.

Despite only having 123 followers at present, the Instagram feed contains over 400 posts which provide a lot of information about her life!

Sarah has previously shared images of her family, showing their two sons named Erik Wenstob and Jack Wenstob.

The boys can be found on Instagram as @erikwenstob and @jwenstob.

Kevin’s wife has also shared their work experiences onto the media platform, with images showing the couple celebrating the end of long days at work.

As the owner of a lumber yard dog named Biggie, Sarah has uploaded many pictures of her pet.

Her love for animals doesn’t stop there!

Sarah’s interest in horse riding is also made apparent throughout the various equestrian content.

She also keeps on top of her fitness in the gym with her son Jack Wenstob as her personal trainer.

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Keep up with Sarah Fleming and her husband/co-worker Kevin Wenstob on the new Netflix reality TV series, Big Timber.

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