Some members of the Bling Empire cast appeared on the Netflix After Party, where the latest gossip was revealed. So what did we find out?

A few of the crew who starred in the reality series, which followed the lives of wealthy Asians living in Los Angeles, joined David Spade’s new show.

The reunion on January 30th was attended by Christine Chiu, Kelly Mi Li, Cherie Chan, Kevin Kreider, and Kane Lim.

So, here’s what we learned from the Bling Empire reunion!

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The cast knew each other before the show

Kelly told David that all of them were good friends before the series.

She has known Christine and Kane for almost 10 years.

Kelly went on to say that Kevin made the cut, after host London Hughes asked if there was a non-rich person who didn’t make it on the show.

Kelly and Andrew are in a relationship

Kelly, who appeared virtually, revealed that they took a five to six month break to work on themselves after filming Bling Empire.

She went on to say that they are back together. Kelly said:

I am more in love than I’ve ever been.

Christine and Anna are friends

Christine announced that her and Anna had two dinners together, after filming wrapped up for the season.

They had a “nice, intimate” dinner with Florent and Maria, which Anna treated them to.

So it looks like their rocky friendship is on the mend!

Christine has started gardening

To the surprise of viewers, Christine has been attempting to grow a veggie garden with the help of baby G since the series.

Alongside her new gardening hobby, she’s been working on her TikTok!

Christine said she has “no friends” on the video app, and that she doesn’t know how to make a video.

Cherie doesn’t want any more children

The Bling Empire star’s children Jadore and Jevon appeared on the show several times.

Cherie was convinced that her son Jevon might have been reincarnated as her mum, who passed away.

However, there will be no more babies, according to Cherie. She said:

I gained a lot of weight with Jevon and I don’t want to go through that again where [it] made my body really big, and now I’m finally kinda almost back to my normal weight.

The cast have jobs outside of the show

David asked Kelly about work, highlighting that the cast weren’t shown working on the series, but that he knows it’s a big part of their lives.

Kelly said that she is an entrepreneur, and that they filmed at her office quite a bit, however the scenes were cut from the series.

She added that next season, hopefully the viewers will be able to see more of her working in the field.

Kevin has moved to Hollywood

It was revealed that Kevin and Kane think their bromance has blossomed a little bit more, despite living further apart.

Kevin has since moved to Hollywood, so they are a further away from each other than before.

He said the move has “damaged their bromance” a little bit, as they are now facing a long distance friendship.

Kevin revealed he has been inviting Kane there, but that he keeps ignoring the subject, with Kane admitting he hasn’t visited in four months.



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