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Bling Empire: Baby G's real name revealed - and why Christine's son wears a helmet!

Bling Empire followed a cast of wealthy Asians living in Los Angeles, including some little ones – such as Baby G. So what’s his real name?

Christine and Gabriel Chiu’s journey as parents to their son, who they call Baby G on camera, is followed by Netflix’s camera crew.

His parents even threw a surprise party for him, which included a Gucci claw grabber amongst its extravagance and glamour.

So what is Baby G’s real name, and why does he wear a helmet?

Screenshot: Baby G (middle) with father Gabriel Chiu and swimming pro (right), Bling Empire, Season 1 Episode 2, Netflix

Who is Baby G?

  • Gabriel and Christine Chiu’s son

Baby G, who turned 1 during filming, was born as the son of the Bling Empire couple, who are well-known plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills.

Christine said she was told Gabriel was from a dynastic family, and that his parents weren’t shy in letting her know she needed to produce a male heir.

She spent over 10 years trying to get pregnant, and gave birth to Baby G after 11 years of marriage.

What is Baby G’s real name?

  • Gabriel

Baby G has been named after his father, which was revealed at his 1st birthday party – as seen on Bling Empire.

He is officially called Gabriel Chiu II, following his father.

It is likely that his parents call him baby G purely for nickname purposes!

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Why does Baby G wear a helmet?

  • It is likely to treat conditions that impact the shape of his head

Although it has not been addressed exactly why Baby G in particular wears a helmet, it is common for some babies to wear them.

Known as a method for treating unusual head shapes in babies, it is likely that Christine and Gabriel’s son was doing helmet therapy.



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