Tina Leung sobs over missing her sisters during Bling Empire: New York. The Netflix star and fashion ‘It Girl’ had a hard time during episode 1 when she felt lonely at Couture Week in Paris.

Bling Empire New York dropped on Netflix on January 20. The series follows Dorothy Wang as she relocates to New York.

Fans are introduced to Tina Leung during episode 1. Although she lives the high life in The Big Apple, Tina feels the strain after missing a dinner with her sisters in episode 2.

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Tina Leung misses her sisters

Bling Empire: New York star Tina Leung is the eldest of four daughters.

Per The Cinemaholic, her younger sisters are Katrina, Alda, and Tawny Leung.

Katrina is on IG at @katrinaleunf, Alda at @,aldal and Tawny at @tawlly.

After she accidentally missed a big fashion show in Paris, Tina broke down in tears when speaking to her co-star Blake Abbie during episode 2.

Tina said: “I missed a show and I was going to be front row and then I cried that night,”

She said that she was “all by herself a lot” and that she felt “a bit lonely.”

Tina cried about her work stress and said that she was “tired,” but added that she knows she’s “blessed,” and that she “shouldn’t complain.”

Tina sobbed: “And I haven’t seen my sisters in so long and the first night back my sisters all had their own dinner and I felt so left out.”

Tina talks about her parents

Bling Empire New York episode 1 introduces viewers to Dorothy Wang’s friend, Tina Leung.

Tina explains her upbringing during episode 1 and said that she wasn’t very close to her parents growing up.

She said that her father had success as a businessman “at one point,” but in her early twenties, she was “cut off” from her parents financially.

Tina said that she had to become “financially independent” at this time and embarked on a career in fashion, becoming a social media influencer.

Family doesn’t feature on her Instagram

When it comes to Tina’s Instagram page, she appears to be all about her work.

During Bling Empire: New York episode 1, she explains that she loves the “creativity behind” fashion.

Tina can be found on Instagram at @tinaleung with 370k followers.

Although Tina doesn’t post often with her family, she said to Fashionista that she often gives her clothes to her sisters.

Her sisters also work in fashion with Tawny working for Burberry as a buyer per LinkedIn and Alda working as senior creative director at Andie per her LinkedIn page.



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