Glassblowing may not sound like the most fun thing to watch on television, but tune in to one episode of Blown Away and you will be hooked. The competition follows some extremely talented glassmakers from North America who create art, just from the glass. 

The winner of the competition wins a grand prize of $60,000, and viewers can’t wait to see what’s in store for season 2.

Those of you who loved season 1 and are desperate to know who will be returning to the show for season 2, read on!

Netflix: Blown Away season 2

Blown Away is finally coming back to our screens and premieres tomorrow, January 22, 2021. Everyone can’t wait to see the 10 glassblowers use the reheating and melting furnaces, and decide whether they can handle the heat of the competition!

Corning Museum of Glass was a crucial player in making the show run smoothly. The workspace for the competition was constructed exclusively for the show and has now become the largest glassblowing facility in North America.

Cast reveal for Blown Away season 2

  • On the judging panel are the guest evaluators, Perry Tung who is the senior specialist and auctioneer at Bonhams. Along with Chris Terry who is the executive director of the Pilchuck Glass School. Eric Meek also features in the series as the senior manager of hot glass programs at Corning Museum of Glass. Katherine Gray is the evaluator artist and Nick Uhas is the host.

In season 2, we expect most of the original cast to return including the wonderful sommelier Emily Pearce-Bibona and chef Marc Lepine.

Meet Eric, Katherine and Nick on Instagram!

Eric Meek is a versatile glass artist and earned a degree from Bowling Green State University. He previously worked at the production studio in the Henry Ford Museum and went on to earn his MFA from Kent State University.

Eric first attended glassmaking classes in Corning, before starting as a demonstrator and then taught his own classes in glassblowing.

Recently, Eric has designed both the Amphitheater Hot Shop and the Mobile Hot Shop due to his renowned knowledge of glassmaking

Katherine Gray is the resident evaluator artist and can be seen featured in Season 1 keeping a beady eye on Janusz Pozniak.

She is 56 years old from Canada and is a glass artist and professor of art at California State University, San Bernardino.

Katherine loves to make vases, candelabras, and goblets, and her work exhibitions in the Corning Museum of Glass, the Museum of American Glass, and the Tacoma Museum of Glass.

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Nick Uhas is from Ohio and is an American tv host and presenter on Blown Away. He is well known for featuring in Season 15 of Big Brother.

However, he only survived in the house for 2 weeks, as he was evicted by his fellow housemates. Nick was also a contestant on America’s Got Talent in 2012 where he performed a science experiment.

Nick made it through to the next round but was eventually eliminated by the Judges.

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