In 2019, Netflix found a surprise hit with Blown Away. Now, ten more contestants are ready to take on the competition for 2021.

On paper, a competitive reality series about glassblowing doesn’t fit into the genre. Artists competing for a museum residency? Seems like perfectly pleasant business to us. But Blown Away proves itself to have all the drama, physical threat and tension of shows like Survivor and Alone. One minute you could be securing your glassy victory, the other you could be facing shatters on the floor.

The winner this season will take home a $60,000 prize and a residency at the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York. So, the stakes are pretty high for these artists.

Already, one of the season 2 contestants impressing in the competition is Elliot Walker. Find out everything you need to know about the British glassblower here.

Screenshot: Elliot in Blown Away S2 E1 – Netflix

Who is Elliot Walker?

Elliot Walker is a 31-year-old sculptor and maker from St. Albans, England. Elliot’s studio is currently based in Hertford.

After graduating from the University of Bangor in Wales with a degree in Psychology, Elliot discovered his love of glassblowing. This quickly became his sole passion and pursuit in life.

Elliot developed his glassblowing skills at Stourbridge Glass Quarter. This town, based in the West Midlands, was the heart of glassmaking during the Industrial Revolution (1760-1840). The area of Stourbridge has been associated with glassblowing for over 400 years, so it’s a pretty well-established place to learn the art!

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Elliot Walker on Blown Away

Elliot’s Blown Away competitors were all impressed by his glasswork from episode 1.

Speaking of the difference between the British and American glass scene, Elliot said: “I’m intimidated going into a North American hot shop. The UK glass scene is very tight, very small. The level of skill and equipment you have in North America, we don’t have that [in the UK].”

But despite his nerves taking on North America, Elliot’s stateside competitors (and the judges) were all wowed by his glass creations.

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Elliot’s glass creations on Instagram

If you are a fan of Elliot Walker’s on Blown Away, then you need to check out his Instagram. His profile is filled with beautiful glass art, as well as more on his creative process.

On the day of season 2’s release (January 22nd, 2021), Elliot already had established himself a large Instagram following of over 7,000. We’re sure this figure will only rise as he progresses throughout Blown Away.

You can follow Elliot Walker under the Instagram handle @ewalkerglassart.



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