When Blown Away first came to Netflix, no one could’ve ever predicted it could cause this much drama online and on social media.

After Deborah Czeresko took home the crown in the final episode – and the huge prize of $60,000 and an artist’s residency at the Corning Museum of Glass – fans of the show have taken to the internet in protest.

And things have turned quite nasty. Who knew a glass blowing competition could stir up this much drama?

Here’s what happened after Deborah won Blown Away and why viewers are protesting her win with a change.org petition that already has over 1,000 signatures!


Screenshot: Blown Away season 1 episode 1 – Netflix

Deborah Czeresko wins Blown Away season 1

Deborah was one of the most acclaimed glass artists entering the competition, with the most experience in the field. The 57-year-old artist has been a visiting artist around the world since she started working as a glassblower in 1987.

Throughout the series, Deborah Czeresko was vocal about how she wanted to be a role model and inspiration for women working in male-dominated trades such as glassblowing.

But her vocalness has not gone down well, with many branding her arrogant and ‘braggy’.

The feminism-fuelled debate

Deborah was vocal about her feminist ideologies and incorporated much of her own experience as a woman and a lesbian into her work.

This has angered both misogynistic men and libfems – liberal feminists.

She has been labelled a horrendous array of offensive swear words online, with some viewers incorrectly calling her transgender.

Many thought Deborah to be gender non-conforming (GNC) throughout the show. Although this was questioned as Deborah made a comment about chromosomes in an episode.


In the Blown Away final, Deborah described the egg she created – representing an ova – as “typically female-oriented” and talked about the binaries of masculinity and femininity, resulting in accusations of Deborah being a TERF – trans-exclusionary radical feminist.

Many believed the judges were pandering to identity politics when they chose Deborah as the winner.

Petition kicks off

‘Clayton Badger’ started a petition on Change.org for Marblemedia to ‘Reverse Deborah’s win on season 1 of Blown Away’.

The petition states that Deborah’s work on Blown Away was not of ‘high calibre art’ or as good as Janusz Pozniak’s and that she used feminism to claim the win.

But really the petition is about her feminism adding that “the winner of the show should have been decided on ability and skill rather than apparent political agendas.”

They aimed to reach 1,500 signatures on their petition and have already by Thursday, July 25th reached over 1,300. You can find the petition here.




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