Spoilers: Who is the winner of Blown Away season 2? Updates on Netflix star in 2021!

Blown Away returned to Netflix for its sophomore season on January 22nd, 2021.

The competitive glassblowing series welcomed back some familiar faces, as Nick Uhas returned as host and Katherine Gray is back as head judge. Over the course of ten episodes, Nick and Katherine whittle down the best glassblower from around the world.

Ten new contestants were welcomed to the hot shop to compete for the mega prize: A residency at the Corning Museum of Glass and $60,000.

If you’ve binge-watched all ten episodes already and are looking for updates on the winner, or you’re wanting to spoil the sophomore season, then read on! We’ve got all the info on the Blown Away season 2 winner here.

Screenshot: Blown Away S2 E10 – Netflix

Blown Away season 2: Finale explored

Just two out of the ten initial contestants made it to the Blown Away season 2 finale.

The finale saw a glassblowing face-off between Cat Burns and Elliot Walker. The two artists had to fill half of the gallery space with original designs, created and blown in just eight hours. Both designers were able to choose the theme for their work.

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Nick Uhas told Cat and Elliot that they were looking for “cohesive, original and immersive experience that will truly blow us away.”

The guest judge for the finale was Rob Cassetti. Rob Cassetti is the senior director of creative strategy at the Corning Museum of Glass.

Blown Away season 2: Winner revealed

  • Elliot Walker

The winner of Blown Away season 2 is Elliot Walker.

Elliot Walker’s final design was centred on the idea of inept tools. He created oversized screwdrivers and hammers which resembled balloons. Feeling daunted by the task at hand, Elliot’s installation idea came from his own feelings of “not having the tools” to complete the task. It’s title was “Bodge Job.”

Screenshot: Blown Away S2 E10 – Netflix

Elliot Walker: Winner update in 2021

After his win in the Blown Away season 2 finale, Elliot said:

“It’s such a good feeling. I can’t really get to grips with what it’ll mean, what will happen but I think it’s all going to be good.”

Elliot Walker is still making and exhibiting his glass art. In fact, Elliot has a show opening on January 26th, 2021 at Messums Wiltshire. You will be able to view Elliot’s show online on their website.

To keep up to date with Elliot and his career, you can follow him on Instagram under the handle @ewalkerglassart.

  • UPDATE: We found Cat from Blown Away on INstagram



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