Selling the OC season 2 is officially here and there is drama brewing in the Oppenheim Group’s office right from the word ‘go’. Brandi Marshall returns to the series alongside her co-stars Austin Victoria, Alex Hall, and Polly Brindle. So, who is former basketball pro Sean Marshall when it comes to the Netflix show?

Brandi is right in the thick of the drama from episode 1 of the all-new 2023 Netflix series. She said she felt “ambushed” after airing her feelings about two of her “messy” co-workers, while Tyler Stanaland begged for people to “stop talking about him” in episode 2.

Brandi and Sean Marshall smile sitting at table attending 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards: UNSCRIPTED – Show
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Who is ex basketball pro Sean Marshall?

While Selling the OC fans are already acquainted with Brandi Marshall, less may be known about her former basketball pro husband, Sean Marshall.

Sean was born in California in April 1985 and had a 13-year career in professional basketball.

He started out his sporting career at the age of 22 and decided to retire in 2020.

Now, the 38-year-old is a part of Pro’s Vision which helps young athletes fulfil their aspirations. He also created Team Challenge ALS to raise awareness and funds for ALS.

Sean and Brandi are married

As Brandi said during Selling the OC, she is a married woman.

Sean and Brandi tied the knot back in 2015 and now have two children.

Their son, Sean Jr, features on Selling the OC and Brandi explains how her husband “accepts” her daughter, Autumn, “as his own.”

Brandi and Sean met as children as they both lived in Rialto, California. They reconnected as adults when Sean was working abroad, writes Women’s Health.

The luxury real estate agent explains on the show that her daughter’s father is “great” and that she has a “beautiful family.”

He’s backing his wife on Selling the OC

As a brand new season of Selling the OC drops on Netflix on September 8, many viewers of the show have been tweeting their opinions on all the drama.

One viewer tweeted: “Brandi has definitely stepped it up from last season…”

Another said of the luxury real estate agents: “Kayla and Brandi came ready this season and here for it.”

Sean tweeted: “Of course, team Brandi all day everyday.”

He also retweeted a fan’s words in support of his realty expert wife.


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