After a long-awaited few years, The Mole has officially come back on screens, but this time on Netflix. As 12 contestants try to work together to add money to a prize pot, there is a ‘Mole’ who tries to sabotage their wins.

Different theories about exactly who the show’s imposter is have already been discussed by fans. Although, at the time of writing, The Mole’s identity has not yet been revealed, many wonder whether they can ever be eliminated.

With a $1M prize pot up for grabs – but just for one person to take home – there are set to be several eliminations before one of the contestants scores the win. But just how do you win the Netflix show?

Joi Schweitzer, Jacob Hacker, Dom Gabriel look at clues on The Mole.
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Can The Mole be eliminated?

No, The Mole cannot be sent home. This is because they already know their position as a double agent and therefore would not score a low number when it comes to answering questions on what they know about The Mole.

The only way a contestant can be eliminated is if they get a lower score than their fellow players, but this would only be done if the imposter purposely tried to do so, and that would defeat the whole point of their presence.

Unlike the other players, The Mole is the only contestant that is absolutely guaranteed to remain in the game all the way until the end point of the season! Basically, they are untouchable throughout filming.

How do you win the Netflix show?

Players can take a multiple-choice test to see who knows the most about The Mole based on past events. Those with the lowest score in each test are eliminated, while the real player left standing wins whatever is in the pot.

Contestants are eliminated until just three players remain, one of whom is The Mole undercover. In the end, one player will outlast their competition and expose The Mole to win the prize money.

Whoever wins the game takes home the amount of money left in the prize pot, but this decreases in value every time the imposter is successful in sabotaging the team’s wins, which starts off as a whopping $1M.

Fans wonder if The Mole is paid

The Mole is recruited by the producers to act as a double agent to decrease the money in the prize pot. They do not win the prize by the end of the show, which makes sense as they are putting effort in to sabotage the cash.

During the first season, a fan asked on The Straight Dope Message Board what the first Mole — Kathryn Price — got paid for fooling everyone. One user said that she got paid “a fixed amount” of money for sabotaging the other players.

To back up the claims, a user on a 2021 Reddit post echoed this theory, stating that they’re still being paid for deceiving the other contestants. GRV Media has contacted Netflix for a comment.



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