Netflix: Who is Charina Sarte from The Parisian Agency? All about Valentin Kretz' wife!

Netflix: Who is Charina Sarte from The Parisian Agency? All about Valentin Kretz' wife!

Netflix’s latest reality show The Parisian Agency, features everything you could want in a TV show: Family dynamics, luxurious properties, and the city of Paris.

The show details the lives of the Kretz family who run a real estate agency, selling beautiful properties to high- end clients in Paris and throughout Europe.

Following the release of the show, the Kretz family real estate Instagram page announced:

“We are beyond excited that months of work and effort has been poured in to make this a reality. Thank you to our clients, partners, team, Netflix and everyone involved in making this happen.”

Who is Charina Sarte from The Parisian Agency?

Charina Sarte is married to Valentin Kretz from the Kretz family, who are featured in the new Netlix show The Parisian Agency. However, she is an entrepreneur and businesswoman in her own right.

The fashion designer runs her own brand called Charina Sarte, and boasts a whopping 52 thousand followers on Instagram.

Charina has spent most of her life in the Philippines and living in a hot country inspired her fashion collection which features “fabrics and shapes suited for days traveling under the sun.”

As shown in The Parisian Agency, Charina now lives in Paris, though she keeps production for her fashion brand solely in the Philippines. Charina employs an all-women team of seamstresses and takes pride in the fact that her brand is “made for women, designed by a woman and made by women.”

All about The Parisian Agency cast members


Olivier is the Founder and CEO of the agency, and his biography on the Kretz and Partners website reads:

“Olivier has retained from his professional career in major companies the charisma and the vision necessary for an entrepreneur. He likes to constantly reinvent his job, to be enthusiastic about new experiences and he willingly looks to the international scene to fuel his desire to innovate.”


Sandrine is married to Olivier and is the matriarch of the family as well as the Associate Director of the agency. Her biography on the website reads:

“From her past as a teacher, Sandrine has kept a great gift for listening to others and understanding their needs. She understands deep motivations, she senses hidden aspirations, she anticipates desires. Attentive and benevolent, she builds life projects as if they were her own.”


Martin, Sandrine and Olivier’s son, also works as Associate Director of the agency. His biography states:

“Martin has two children aged 5 and 3 and lives in Boulogne in a 1930s building. His wife is an architect and often comes to give Martin advice for the remodeling of the properties for sale. Before joining KRETZ, he lived and worked for a year and a half in Chile and a year in Mexico, which explains his perfect fluency in Spanish.”


Valentin is Martin’s brother and works as an Associate Director. His experience includes:

“Valentin worked one year in New York and one year in Hong Kong and the Philippines where he met his wife, a fashion designer renowned in Asia and the US. Bilingual in English, he now lives in Paris. They have a 3-year-old son.” 


Louis is another one of Sandrine and Olivier’s sons. He works as the Community Manager:

“After training at the ESP (Ecole Supérieure de Publicité), Louis joined Kretz & Partners. His studies in communication and marketing allows him to develop the digital part as a community manager indispensable for an online real estate agency.”

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