Chase Hudson's "cheesecake factory" home is where the Hype is really at

We get to feast our eyes inside TikTok star Chase Hudson’s home (for longer than a three-minute video) on new Netflix series Hype House. In fact, his own property was described as a “cheesecake factory”. Snazzy.

The reality TV show documents the true lives of a group of TikTok creators in their twenties, shining a light on just how much money they make and how difficult it is to live in the very place they work.

And if a $5million home filled with social media stars wasn’t eye-opening enough, it turns out co-founder of Hype House Chase Hudson has his own place, separate from the Moorpark-based mansion.

So, let’s take a peek inside the Netflix cast member’s sweet-filled home…

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Hype House | Official Trailer | Netflix

Hype House | Official Trailer | Netflix

Chase Hudson’s “cheesecake” mansion

Chase’s home is a private Spanish-style residence in Encino, a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley of California. Described as looking like a “cheesecake factory”, it is filled with grand, gold-coloured designs and huge chandeliers.

Although he now lives in a separate home to the rest of the Hype House collective, due to wanting to focus on music, a lot of content ends up being shot at his property.

His home goes by many names, including Hype House 2.0, Huddy’s Hacienda and The Cheesecake Factory, Netflix Tudum reports. With a massive pool and basketball court, he’s never likely to get bored.

The unique mansion also has rare decor: including a rock-hard chair, ornate murals of angels and fake dolphins.

Even the confessional scenes on Hype House are fascinating, as we see his home in the background filled with arcade games and a grand, club-like feel with its red lighting.

Hype House: What is Chase’s net worth?

Chase Hudson’s net worth is $4million in 2022, largely due to his TikTok success. With 32.4million followers on the singular platform alone, he has a huge audience who likely pay him money rewards on the app.

In January, Hudson became the first signing on IGA’s new Immersive imprint. He finished his debut album, due this summer, in three months, which is likely to only add to his already significant fortune!

With 2.2million subscribers on YouTube, his music fandom is likely to grow the more he releases new tracks.

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His TikTok success explored

According to Billboard, Chase is one of the top ten music influencers on TikTok, with over 30 million followers, and one of the most influential people on the platform.

He has also been listed by Paper as an important figure in the 2020s pop punk revival. It all started when the now-TikToker became famous on the lip-syncing app, before he grew on content-creating TikTok.

At just 19 years old, Chase is the co-founder of a collective called Hype House, and is definitely one for taking risks. One of those involves deciding to focus on music before he had even finished a song.

He began posting videos of himself doing viral dances or mouthing along to popular sound bytes, and usually collaborated with the app’s biggest stars, like Charli D’Amelio – who he briefly dated last year.


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