The Circle season 5 kicked off on December 28 and fans have been hooked since the first batch of episodes dropped on Netflix. Episode 10 sees Chaz from The Circle talk about his fiancé and brother.

The season’s tenth episode sees emotions running high as there’s a shock blocking, messages from home, and lots of tears.

As the show is nearing its final episodes, let’s find out more about one of the remaining players and his family.

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Meet The Circle’s Chaz Lawery

Mobile car detailer Chaz is known as Shampoo Papi. He’s 28 years old and hails from New Jersey.

Chaz is training to be a nurse and can be found on Instagram at @thatshampoopapi.

He’s currently based in LA and is playing on The Circle as himself but with some tweaks. He’s in a relationship but is playing on the show as a singleton.

Chaz gets a message from his fiancé

During The Circle season 5 episode 12, Chaz received a message from his fiancé.

His fiancé said that Chaz is an “inspiration” to him and added: “Continue to be great and be true to yourself.”

Chaz broke down in tears while listening to the video message.

His partner added that Chaz “deserves a win” in life and that he should “put his head in the game and get things done.”

Chaz’s brother passed away

As well as receiving a video message from his fiancé, a sweet call from his mother came through on The Circle.

Chaz’s mom said that she missed him and he broke down again saying: “Oh my gosh, you’ve got to be kidding me.”

His mother described him as a “wonderful young man” and that she is “so proud” of him.

She added that she knows “a lot of his attributes are from his brother,” and that Chaz’s brother is “the angel over” him.

Chaz sobbed as his mother told him to remember who he is and “take it all the way” on the show.

The camera panned to a framed photograph of Chaz’s brother as he said that he is “always with him.”

Chaz said: “I’m always going to carry the spirit of my brother in everything that I do.”

Speaking on his Instagram page in January 2023, Chaz explained that his brother passed away from gun violence.

He said that his brother, Tamar, had a dream of becoming a nurse.

Tamar was a medical assistant. Chaz said that he was about to graduate from nursing school in honor of his brother. He said that him completing nursing school is not his dream but he’s done it in honor of Tamar.



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