When the second series of ‘Cheer’ dropped to Netflix on Wednesday, January 12th, everyone pulled all-nighters to get their latest update of Navarro Cheer, almost two years after its first season.

Always in the shadow of Varsity, cheerleaders often – and literally – get side-lined for the bigger, more well known sports such as American football and basketball. But Cheer is so far from the rah-rah world of pom-poms and ponytails.

The series follows Navarro College’s cheer squad, with Coach Monica and many more members of the team returning for season 2, as well as some new faces. Throughout filming, we see the highs and lows, the injuries and disappointment, and of course, the pride that come with being on the team.

But one thing which is not explained throughout the show is what FIOFMU means. It’s driving fans crazy!

What is FIOFMU?

FIOFMU is a word that all the cheerleaders have written on themselves when they perform or practice.

They predominantly write the slogan on their arms but also have FIOFMU merch they all wear to practice in.

You can also see it dotted all over their Instagrams, with some writing it in their Insta bios.

What does FIOFMU mean?

It wasn’t long before eagle-eyed fans noticed that the slogan was written on the cheerleaders time and again. And so it didn’t take long before hordes of Cheer fans took to the internet to try and figure out what it all means!

For the most part, Navarro Cheer have remained tight-lipped about the meaning of FIOFMU. Some fans even claimed they had reached out to the team members on Instagram but to no response.

However, one cheerleader called Kayla Culver offered an explanation.

She Tweeted:

#FIOFMU is a coded message/motto, that you learn and earn throughout the year while on the team. Learning the meaning is entirely special and is only known by Navarro Cheerleaders and Navarro Cheer alumni.

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Urban Dictionary to the rescue?

When you come across a term on the internet, it’s not unlikely that good old Urban Dictionary can help you out with its meaning.

They have pretty much every slang term under the sun stored on there.

One submission to Urban Dictionary claims FIOFMU stands for “Fight it out f*** ’em up.” But we don’t think that’s the secret Navarro is holding close to their chest!



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