Netflix’s new sports docu-series, Cheer, has quickly become one of their most talked about and popular.

Taking a deep dive into the often overlooked or under appreciated world of competitive cheerleading, Cheer follows the squad at Navarro College on their journey to the National Championships in Daytona, Florida.

The Navarro squad had already won the National Champs years in a row, but 2019 was their toughest year to date. And it was not helped by an accident involving Mackenzie “Sherbs” Sherburn which massively shook up the team.

So, who is Sherbs? Find out about the top cheerleader here and more about what she’s up to since leaving Navarro.

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Meet Sherbs

Mackenzie “Sherbs” Sherburn was one of the top girls in the Navarro Cheer squad. Sherbs was born on  29th, 2000 making her just 19 years old.

In the Daytona routine, Sherbs was a basket, top girl of the pyramid, and a flyer. Sherbs was one of the most admired members of the team and Morgan Simianer, in particular, looked up to her.

Morgan said of Sherbs in the first episode:

[Sherbs] has that natural beauty and she lights up when she does stuff. Every time she does a skill it looks 15million times better just because she’s adding a chin pop here and doing this and doing that.

The shock of the fall

Just thirty days before the National Champs at Daytona, Florida, the team faced a major crisis. During the first full-out practice, Sherbs was dropped while performing a basket toss.

In one of the show’s most teeth-clenching moments, the Navarro team fall silent as Sherbs is left in agony on the floor. After being rushed to hospital, it was revealed that Sherbs had dislocated her elbow during the fall.

The doctor said that Sherbs would be out of practice for eight to ten weeks while she recovered.

As Sherbs had one of the most important roles in the routine, this meant Monica had little time to find appropriate replacements. Eventually Allie Ross and Morgan Simianer were chosen to replace her roles.

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Where is Sherbs now?

Mackenzie Sherburn graduated from Navarro College with an Associates Degree in Science back in May 2019. She had spent two years at the junior college.

Now, Mackenzie is at Texas Tech University. She’s also a cheerleader on their squad, cheering on the Raiders.

Sherbs began practicing with the squad just one month after graduating from Navarro and from the looks of her Instagram feed, Sherbs is back to full health and strength in practice!

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Follow Sherbs on Instagram

To keep up to date with Sherbs and her cheering, the best place to find her is on Instagram.

Sherbs already had quite the Insta following, but since appearing on Netflix’s Cheer, that number has rocketed. She now has over 170,000 followers!

Check out Sherbs under the handle @mackenziesherburn



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