Selling Sunset’s Nicole Young was accused of being on drugs by Chrishell Stause. Drama erupted after Chrishell said it didn’t seem like there was “only wine in Nicole’s drink.” Why was Nicole not on Selling Sunset before?

The Netflix series has officially returned for season 6. Selling Sunset follows the eventful lives of successful and chaotic lives of the Oppenheim Group real estate agents – but not without a lot of friendship drama.

Chrishell Stause and newbie Nicole Young’s drama began during an employee dinner, in which Chrishell said she had been hurtful about her business before stating that Nicole is “on drugs.” So, what’s the tea?

Nicole Young talks to Chrishell Stause at the beach while having drinks
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Selling Sunset’s Nicole accused of drugs

Chrishell said Nicole was acting “cracked out” in front of everyone and accused her of being on drugs all night during a girls’ trip. However, Nicole said she “is not going to be accused” and took a drug test the next day.

Mary Fitzgerald, whose wedding was officiated by Nicole, said: “Nicole, you are not a crackhead, nor has she ever been.” Mary then turned to Chrishell to tell her she went “too far” after Nicole went back to her room.

Chrishell had claimed Nicole – who had said she was being respectful to her co-star for not saying certain things – “said things that were hurtful to her business” before telling her not to make any threats.

Chrishell and Nicole’s drama

Drama erupted when Nicole accused Chrishell of taking credit for two of her listings three years ago. Nicole believes their boss, Jason Oppenheim — who dated both agents — allowed Chrishell to get away with “stealing” her listings.

The two tried to hash it out during Chelsea Lazkani’s open house but their conversation turned into a fight. According to Nicole, Jason put her and Chrishell together on the listing because he had a crush on the estate agent.

Chrishell got furious at the accusation and mentioned that she was married at the time. She even called Nicole a “b**ch,” which the latter exaggerated while telling others that Chrishell called her a “f***ing b**ch.”

Nicole told Mary Fitzgerald and Chelsea Lazkani that she would consult her attorney and if Chrishell continued to throw jabs at her, then she would sue her for defamation.

She later told Amanza Smith in episode 9 that she sought legal counsel but didn’t take any action against Chrishell.

Why was Nicole not on Selling Sunset before?

Nicole was not ready to expose her life on camera and got cold feet before filming Selling Sunset season 1 in 2019, which she had originally been cast for. She told People:

Honestly, at the time, I just got cold feet right before they were going to start filming. I just wasn’t ready to expose my entire life, and even more so, my clients and business — which I’m very protective of — to the entire world.”

She shared what changed over the course of four years in her decision. “I’ve grown personally and professionally a lot,” she said. “At the end of the day, it’s an incredible opportunity and a rise-to-the-occasion kind of moment.”


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