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Christine Quinn defends 'Selling Sunset villain' role and not taking it too far

Christine Quinn spilled the Selling Sunset tea on Alex Cooper’s Call Her Daddy Podcast and opened up on being the show’s villain. Despite being portrayed as the ‘villain’ of The Oppenheim Group, she cleared up some of the misconceptions. However, her character is not a true representation of who she is off-camera.

The cast of Selling Sunset has surely provided a lot of drama to the viewers at home, especially Christine Quinn. Despite her arguments with Chrishell, Mary, and Emma, she spilled secrets about what really goes on behind the scenes.

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“I’m gonna put on a show”

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Christine claimed she was the only one on board at the very beginning before the other cast changed their minds. She says the rest of the girls thought that it would be “tarnishing their reputation”. From the very start, she knew what she was going in to, and she delivered.

Asked if she knew she’d be cast as the ‘villain’ on Selling Sunset, Christine Quinn said it was “absolutely” clear from episode one.

She continued: “Even hate towards me, I don’t care. I will be remembered and that’s my goal the entire time. Everything is completely intentional, this is a show, I’m gonna put on a show.”

Drama, drama, and more drama. The show would not have been the same without her, that’s for sure.

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Christine Quinn will play the villain but “let’s be true to what actually happened”

In Selling Sunset there is a lot of drama over listings, rumours and gossip, that’s true. But according to Christine, there are two sides. She said: “There’s the one you see on TV and there’s the one right now.”

Although it seems that some of the Selling Sunset girls don’t get along very well, in reality, most get along great off-cameras.

Quinn shared that for some of the girls it was becoming harder because they couldn’t distinguish what scenes were real and which ones were just set up for entertainment.

Christine loved and thrived on the role of the ‘villain’ at The Oppenheim group. Nonetheless, she said to have put up some boundaries when it comes to what happened.

She said: “You know, I can have fun with the shore. However, you know, like, let’s be true to what actually happened. Let’s not, you know, manipulate and fake storylines.”

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Christine is not faking her character – “I’m being myself”


As Alex Cooper mentioned that “Christine on the show is very different than the one I’m sitting in front” of, she revealed to have stayed true to her image in some sense.

As the villain of the show, she can’t be “relatable”. So, despite being herself while filming for Selling Sunset, she said that a lot goes “on the editing room floor”.

She elaborated saying that viewers are “not seeing the full context” and that they “edit out things” on purpose based on what matches previous scenes.

The mum continued the show does not want to portray Christine Quinn “as a vulnerable human”.

Christine shared that feeling sorry and considering the feelings of her castmates “would be against everything”. Although it might hurt them, it’s her truth, and will always stay true to how she feels.

For that reason, she thinks she never took the role of being the ‘villain’ too far.

View the full episode from the Call Her Daddy podcast on Spotfiy with Alex Cooper here.

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