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Christine Quinn tears up as she says vile trolls said they wished her baby died

Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn has given a teary interview claiming vile trolls sent her messages wishing her baby had died.

The reality star recently guest-starred on the podcast Call Her Daddy, hosted by Alexandra Cooper. It comes ahead of her new book How to be a Boss B***h, being released tomorrow, Friday May 19.

During the podcast interview, Quinn spoke about her book – which attempts to show ‘women how to unapologetically own their power in business and relationships to live the life they want’. However, she also opened up about the trolls she’d faced since finding fame on the Netflix series.

Horrific messages from season 1

In the interview, the 33-year-old went into details about how the trolls first came for her right back at the beginning of the hit series. She said: “It was really hard, like it was really hard, season 1 was probably the hardest for me.

“It’s like yeah, you can receive like so many death threats and go f**k yourself and go kill yourself.”

Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Alongside death threats the former real estate agent – after confirming she has now left the Oppenheim Group – explained she also had people ‘stalk’ and harrass’ her. She said some even went to the extent of finding where she lives and attempting to break in.

“Like like, yeah, like it’s a flood of them and it wasn’t even that it’s, I had stalkers. I was harassed,” she continued.

“People found my address. They were sending me letters, you know, my house is broken into a few weeks ago. You know, it’s just like this is real.”

Attacking her baby online

However, things really moved up a gear when Quinn was pregnant with her first baby. The former actress said people sent death threats to her baby and it dramatically impacted her mental health.

She said: “The comments that were the hardest was after the pregnancy, too. They intentionally, you know, edited [scenes] in chronological order. That wasn’t correct.

“So that’s what started a whirlwind depressed. Like, you know, ‘I hope you and your baby go die’. ‘You shouldn’t even be a mother’. You know, ‘you’re such a horrible person’. ‘Go kill yourself’, like it was stuff like that.

“That’s the stuff that got to me is like when you’re bringing my family into it, like, my family doesn’t need to be involved in this people online.”

Leaving Selling Sunset

Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

It’s no wonder why then the reality star would make the decision to leave the celebrity real estate agency, according to People. Quinn told the publication she left the group as she and her husband, Christian Dumontet, launched their own new crypto real estate venture, RealOpen.

She said: “I terminated my contract when the brokerage launched. I had to make a business decision that was for me, so I had to terminate the contract so I could move it over to my brokerage.”

The former estate agent went on to tell People Jason Oppenheim, her boss and co-owner of the luxury group, knew about her plans to start her own business.

“Jason knew. I told him. Him and I had had conversations a year prior. I told him I was doing my own thing. I don’t think anyone actually thought…I think they thought I was bluffing;” she continued, “I don’t think they actually thought I was working on a company, I don’t know. But I told them for a year that I was working on this. Everyone knows.”

Listen to the full episode of Christine Quinn: Confessions of a Reality TV Villain with Alex Cooper on the Call Her Daddy podcast here.

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