Christine Quinn has only gone and quit Selling Sunset and started up her own real estate agency, which is so snazzy it allows clients to pay using cryptocurrency. Soon after her exit was revealed on TMZ, she dressed in a purple dress.

How could anyone forget the drama between Christine and her co-stars? Tension was always in the air when Christine walked into The Oppenheim Group office, but during the last season, she had new BFF Chelsea Lakhani by her side.

Despite finding a bestie at work, it has now been reported that she won’t be returning to season 6 or 7 of Selling Sunset. And apparently her old boss Jason isn’t losing sleep over it either, as he has hired two new women at the office.

Christine wears dramatic trail dress

Christine posted a purple trail dress with puff sleeves to her Instagram on August 23rd, amid the flurry of reaction from Selling Sunset viewers who have found out she won’t be returning to the show.

The dramatic mini dress with diamante studs all the way up to the chest area fit Christine like a glove, while she pulled unbothered facial expressions while holding a mic and chatting to stylists surrounding her.

One follower wrote: “Leagues above the rest!!! Keep soaring girl!!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.”

Another reacted: “Such a queen! 😍 I love this color on you 💜.” So overall, the purple vibe was a total win for Christine and her fans, with some even saying she is the future of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Reports say she’s left Selling Sunset

At the Selling Sunset season 5 reunion, real estate broker Jason confirmed that the 33-year-old no longer ‘has a place’ at the company, although Christine herself had claimed she would be returning, as per Metro.

TMZ reports that Christine and the producers came to a mutual decision that she’d leave the show. She has now signed with IMG Models. However, Jason has said that he wasn’t aware of the agent’s reasons for quitting.

As per another article written by TMZ, Christine was stepping away from the real estate game to focus on other ventures instead. She is said to already have jobs at various fashion events lined up.

Reality Titbit has contacted Christine’s representatives for comment.

Christine’s most dramatic moments

Christine is often caught in drama, but has claimed it is not real. She took to Twitter before season 5 and told her followers: “Enjoy the new season and all of its 5,000 fake storylines.”

Looking back at Chrishell Stause’s entrance, the two didn’t get things off to a good start. The agents battled it out for a multimillion-dollar client, which Chrishell won – while Christine attributed the win to “beginner’s luck”.

Then, after seeing Mary Fitzgerald and then-fiance Romain Bonnet together, she asked Davina what the financial situation between the couple looks like, which got back to Mary through the girls – via Christine.

Christine then accuses Chrishell of being “two-faced” at the season 1 finale pool party, before Christine later tries to make amends. By that point, Chrishell has blocked her on social media, and there has been drama ever since.

Then in season 5, Chrishell claimed that Christine had been talking to the press about her. Then when she wasn’t invited to Heather’s wedding, Mrs. Quinn sent a huge flower arrangement which she herself didn’t expect to be so big.



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