Who is Coach Gawuala from We Are The Brooklyn Saints? Meet the Netflix star!

Who is Coach Gawuala from We Are The Brooklyn Saints? Meet the Netflix star!

Coach Gawuala is the man behind the discipline and hard work seen in Brooklyn Saints’ youth players. So who is the Netflix star?

We Are The Brooklyn Saints has just been released on Netflix, following the lives of children following a program in the New York City borough.

In charge of the team is Coach Guawala, who spends his free time showing the ropes to the young football players in Brooklyn.

So who is he? What else do we need to know about the football coach?

Coach Gawuala (9U Coach) with the 9U team in episode 1 “Welcome to the Saints Young Man” of We Are: The Brooklyn Saints S1. Cr. NETFLIX © 2021

Who is Coach Gawuala?

Edwin Gawuala is a volunteer coach on the Brooklyn Saints programme.

Described as the “heart and soul” of the organisation, the 9U coach has been playing his role since 2009 – when they started the entire club.

He said he felt he had to salute every kid that participated in football.

President of Brooklyn Saints Demel Grant said:

If Gawuala told some kids they could fly, they’d go home and say, “Mommy, Daddy, I can fly because Gawuala said I could fly”.

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Coach Gawuala talks about his childhood

The football coach, who describes Brooklyn as his “stomping ground”, said he was “young and lost in life”, adding that he was reckless.

He was raised by a single mother with his five siblings in a two-bedroom apartment, and didn’t attend college or graduate high school.

He admits now that he has made mistakes and deals with his own things in his personal life.

Gawuala goes on to say that he basically raises the kids on his 9U team, and that they have become a piece of his heart.

Where is Coach Gawuala now?

During filming, Coach Gawuala opens up about losing a son five years ago, and is now creating bonds with each member of the 9U team.

He is now working as a cleaner for a psychiatric facility near his home, alongside his duties as a football coach.

The Netflix star was initially worried that he would have to give up football coaching if he got the job.

However, he was advised by his new employer to continue looking after the kids, and not to change his plans.



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