Love Is Blind: After The Altar shows fans how the couples have been getting on a year after their marriage, and we were also introduced to someone new, Colleen and Matt’s dog.

Love Is Blind: After The Altar was of course jam-packed with drama. Some of the relationships were still going strong, however the same unfortunately can’t be said for others.

It wasn’t just the cast causing the drama. Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed’s dog was also causing quite a stir. We take a closer look at the pooch’s Netflix debut.

Colleen wants Matt’s dog to get neutered

Matt and Colleen’s dog Jaxon took center stage in the first Love Is Blind: After The Altar episode, and even got his own name tag on the show.

However, he wasn’t in everyone’s good books as Colleen told Matt how he needed to get him neutered as he was getting a little bit too close to comfort for her liking.

She did also mention how Matt and wiener dog Jaxon looked alike with their short legs and long torsos, but we’re not sure if that was a compliment or not.

Matt and Colleen are still not living together

At the dog park, Colleen told Matt that they need to buy a house together before they even think about getting another dog.

Speaking to the camera, they said they have ‘plans’ to live together, although, at the time of filming, they didn’t.

They also said they don’t regret doing it this way ‘at all’ as it’s what works for them.

Matt’s parents were also fully behind the couple, although they admitted they didn’t understand it at first.

Some Love Is Blind viewers doubted the relationship

When Love Is Blind season 3 first came out on Netflix, fans were divided over opinions on Matt and Colleen’s relationship. However, it seems like they proved the doubters wrong on After The Altar, as the pair said that they were stronger than ever.

Thanks to Bartise, we know the show was filmed in October 2022, so only a few months before it landed on our screens.

It seems like the pair are still going strong as they’re still plastered all over each other’s Instagram. However, we’re still not sure if they live together yet, or if they got another dog!



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