Colleen has spoken out on how she “wasn’t in a good head space” at the Love is Blind season 3 reunion, as told to Cosmopolitan. It comes as Netflix viewers discuss their worries about whether she is okay in the episode.

Spoilers: When the reunion was released, fans thought Colleen, who said “I Do” to Matt Bolton during season 3 but is admittedly not living with him due to rent prices, was showing a lot of fearful emotions.

She has since spoken out on her mental health at the time. The reunion was filmed a few days after the first batch of episodes hit the streaming platform. This way, contestants can react to what was shown in the series.

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Fans ask if Colleen from Love is Blind is okay

During the Love is Blind season 3 reunion, Colleen’s facial expressions had fans thinking she looks scared. After a week of reactions from worried viewers, she has addressed the comments made about if she’s okay.

One viewer wrote: “Colleen did not genuinely smile once during that whole reunion which is so different to how she was at the start of the show I hope she’s okay #LoveIsBlind.”

Another penned: “Serious question: is Colleen okay??? #LoveIsBlind #LOVEISBLINDreunion.”

“Finally watching the reunion and Colleen does NOT look okay at all. #LOVEISBLINDreunion #LoveIsBlind,” said a fan.

Colleen talks Love is Blind reunion

Colleen has addressed comments made by Love is Blind fans on whether she is okay. She told Cosmopolitan that she was “dealing with a lot of anxiety due to the negative commentary,” revealing:

Going into the reunion, I was not in good headspace as I was dealing with a lot of anxiety due to the negative commentary I had endured during the first few episodes. While I knew what I had signed up for, at that point I was not prepared for the gravity of strangers critiquing my profession that I am incredibly proud of, my character, and tearing down my body/physical traits.

She added that she felt “embarrassed” at having to rewatch the pool scene in which herself and Cole said they found each other attractive, and didn’t want rewatching the scene to change things between them or her female co-stars.

Colleen continued:

Not only was I was dealing with this stress, but I was embarrassed of having to watch the pool scene in front of everyone and having to discuss it. I cherish my friendships with these girls so much. I didn’t want my actions to change anything with them or with Matt. I was anticipating more harmful comments as well.

The reality TV personality also revealed that Matt was incredibly supportive during filming of the reunion, which aired on November 9, and provided constant reassurance that she was okay.

GRV Media and Reality Titbit has reached out to Colleen and Love is Blind representatives for comment.

Matt and Colleen after season 3

Matt and Colleen have lived happily ever after first meeting in the Love is Blind pods. They both got married and continue to be loved-up today, with her writing that she now “can’t imagine a life without you.”

It wasn’t all plain-sailing though. The two got engaged but had a rocky patch during their honeymoon. However, they decided that tying the knot was totally worth it, and decided to say “I do” at their wedding ceremony.

Although they are “doing really good,” Colleen and Matt said they are living apart due to rent prices. Speaking on the reunion couch, the pair both said they take their relationship “incredibly serious.”



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