We found Amanda from Cooked with Cannabis on Instagram: Check out the Netflix chef here!

We found Amanda from Cooked with Cannabis on Instagram: Check out the Netflix chef here!

With all the free time many of us now have to spend at home, Netflix is proving one of the key ways to stay entertained. As they are currently blasting out new content like there’s no tomorrow, there will be plenty of shows to keep you occupied for the coming months.

One of their latest additions is Cooked with Cannabis, a cookery contest overseen by ‘Milkshake’ hitmaker Kelis and a rather curious cannabis loving chef named Leather – yes, that is his real name.

A standout contestant from the first three episodes was undeniably Amanda Jackson.

So, who is Chef Amanda? Find out about the Cooked with Cannabis star here, including more on what she’s up to now.

Screenshot: Cooked with Cannabis S1 E1 – Netflix

Who is Amanda?

Amanda C. Jackson is a 32-year-old chef and food writer originally from Vienna, Georgia.

After graduating from culinary school at Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte, North Carolina – and working part-time as a Chef de Cuisine – it didn’t take Amanda long to find her feet in the industry. First Amanda held the Executive Chef position at The Wine Loft in Tallahasee, Florida; she then moved to Sweet Grass Dairy in Thomasville, Georgia.

But the restaurant lifestyle got to Amanda and she traded in working at these restaurants for work as a private chef in Atlanta.

In 2017, Amanda decided to switch things up again and made the move to Long Beach, California to start her own business.

Amanda currently runs her namesake company, Chef Amanda & Co. On their website, they claim to be “an intention driven culinary arts firm.” This means they specialise in creating culinary artistry for all types of clients, from cooking demos to dinner parties, restaurant menu development and cooking classes!

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Amanda on Cooked with Cannabis

Amanda Jackson is one of the three chefs featured in episode 1 of Cooked with Cannabis. She competed in the first episode alongside Nate and Cynthia. Although Amanda impressed with her dishes, it was Nate who took home the prize at the end of the episode.

Amanda’s loss to Nate shocked many viewers and plenty have taken to Twitter to share their outrage at episode 1’s outcome.

One viewer tweeted: “This man won $10,000 making a freakin BURGER for his entree?!? Meanwhile our good sis Amanda made some BOMB Lambchops and lost”

Follow Amanda on Instagram

To find out more about Amanda, you can follow her on Instagram. We found her under the handle @chefamanda.co.

On her Instagram, Amanda’s bio reads that she creates “Culinary-centered experiences that intentionally feed the mind, body, & soul.”

Although Amanda already had quite the following on Instagram, her follower count has rocketed to over 11,000. She’s clearly one of the most popular chefs from this season!




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