Madlyn and Randall were two partners in totally separate relationships, but went through a similar journey. Their partners both gave them The Ultimatum to marry them or move on – which is how they winded up on the show.

Netflix series The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On put couples to the ultimate test, as they went off to live with someone other than their partner for three weeks. Sound unusual? Well yes, that was the unique point to the entire show.

In a quest to see if anyone is a “better fit”, Madlyn entered the show with boyfriend Colby, while Randall was brought onto the experiment by his girlfriend Shanique. However, Madlyn and Randall later bonded and chose each other.

Spoiler alert: By the end, things totally change, and Madlyn turns up at the finale seven months pregnant with Colby after also living with him for three weeks. So what happened to Madlyn and Randall’s connection?

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On | Official Trailer | Netflix

Madlyn and Randall on The Ultimatum

Madlyn and Randall hit it off while dating other people on the show, and chose each other to move in with for three weeks. This took place while Madlyn’s now-husband Colby lived with April and Randall’s beau Shanique lived with Zay.

Although Madlyn kept saying Randall would only be vulnerable on camera, she also shared her desire for him to be more open with her. They also had some issues, including an argument when Randall kept bringing up Colby.

During their final dinner together, they shared a kiss and appeared to be on good terms. But once they reconnected with their original partners, they appeared to totally scrap the idea of being together long-term.

They still follow each other on IG

Although Madlyn and Randall both went back to their original partners by the finale, they haven’t cut all communication with each other. They follow each other on Instagram but just on a friends basis.

Their following remains despite Madlyn and Colby deciding to get married in episode 9. Speaking of his now-wife, Colby said during episode 9: “In the last 24 hours, Madlyn has changed her stance multiple times.

If anything though, Madlyn and Randall appear to be grateful that they helped each other develop during the experiment, especially now they have gone back to their original partners they entered the series with.

Randall has also built up a friendship with other cast members, including Jake Cunningham, who originally took part in the experiment with now ex-girlfriend April.

Are Randall and Shanique still together?

Yes, the two got engaged, then called it off after the show, but they’re now back together as a couple. During The Ultimatum, Shanique expressed more than once that she wished she’d never brought Randall onto the show.

Shanique had a connection with Zay during the show but appeared to be wanting to make things work with Randall by episode 8. She said that she and Randall have the ability to give each other what they need in a marriage.

Randall still expressed doubts about marrying Shanique and said that he was going to do “what was best for him” which she said was “insulting“.

Shanique and Randall had been dating for one and a half years and ended up on the Netflix show as she wanted to take things to the next level by getting married and having children.

Randall wanted to take things slower as he didn’t feel financially ready to take the plunge into marriage and so, their relationship was put to the test on The Ultimatum.



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