Danielle Brooks' sudden weight loss shocks Instant Dream Home viewers
Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Danielle Brooks' sudden weight loss shocks Instant Dream Home viewers

Danielle Brooks has made the jump from acting on Orange Is The New Black to the reality world on Netflix, with her first hosting stint on Instant Dream Home. There’s something different about her appearance, though.

Fans have quickly noticed just what a transformation the actress has had. It comes as Danielle revealed that she is eating a healthier diet, after seeing singer Lizzo defend her decision to go on a detox diet.

The actress had the singer’s back, sharing her own experience with dieting. Now, she is debuting her new body, but has encouraged her fans to do what they want with their body – regardless of what “anyone says or does”.

Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Danielle Brooks’ weight loss

Danielle first gained fame when she appeared as Taystee in Orange Is the New Black, where she was celebrated for providing representation for plus size Black women among a diverse cast.

As per AOL, the actress revealed that she gained 60 pounds while pregnant with her daughter. Post-pregnancy, she said that she was not able to maintain her usual body weight, but has since lost roughly 20lbs.

Alongside her Instant Dream Home debut, Danielle recently launched a clothing line with 11 Honoré, and has applauded for debuting her new confidence during photoshoots.

The Instant Dream Home host speaks out

Branding herself “the voice of curves”, Danielle has spoken out about her body image because shedding the weight after giving birth to her daughter Freya in 2019 didn’t go as planned. She said:

After having her I was very discouraged to talk about my body because for the longest I’ve called myself ‘the voice of the curves,’ and here I am not as curvaceous as I wanted. I think it’s important to bring that into the conversation too. It’s not always gonna be perfect, you’re not always gonna feel beautiful and that’s OK to acknowledge.

She stuck up for Lizzo among backlash for doing a simple detox to help cleanse her system. Danielle spoke about how larger women don’t owe anyone explanations about what they do to their bodies. As per Madame Noire, she said:

I’m doing all kinds of diets, cleanses, making healthy choices. Not because I don’t love myself, but because I DO love myself, my body and mind. I want to continue to feel strong and sexy without catching ‘sugars’ or any other disease.

Fans react to her transformation

Since Danielle revealed she is hosting Instant Dream Home, her fans have instantly noticed a change in her confidence and appearance. As she poses for photoshoots and shows off her curves, it’s clear to see how happy she is.

One fan wrote: “Now this beautiful woman represents our body type beautifully.”

Another said: “Girl I cannot with you. You look magnificent. You look so freaking confident. I’m loving it.”

“Danielle Brooks is literally my body goals,” posted one of Danielle’s fans on Twitter.

Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images



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