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Darin Olien lost his house in the Malibu fires: Where does the Down to Earth host live now?

Darin Olien, or ‘The Indiana Jones of Superfood’ as he is known, rocketed into our lives thanks to Netflix’s Down to Earth.

Although Darin has been well known in the wellness industry for years, this is the first time many viewers have come across him. As Down to Earth has Hollywood actor Zac Efron as its selling point, it doesn’t come as a a surprise that the Netflix travel series drew in tonnes of viewers. But what most are finding from watching is that they came for Zac but stayed for Darin.

Darin Olien’s charm is hard to resist, with his desire to try anything and positive outlook on the world. But viewers were even more intrigued by the show’s co-host when he revealed details about his difficult past, notably losing his house in a fire.

So, what did Darin have to say about losing his house in the episode? Where does Darin Olien live now?

Screenshot: Down to Earth S1 E8 – Netflix

Darin’s house burns down while filming Down to Earth

Darin Olien was filming Down to Earth when the 2018 Malibu fires broke out. This occurred when Darin and Zac were filming the eighth and final episode of the series.

On Saturday, November 10th 2018, Darin received a text that the Woolsey Fire had spread from Los Angeles and was heading towards his Malibu neighbourhood. Evacuations were in place, but at the time Darin was heading into Iquitos, in the Peruvian Amazon. Darin and the rest of the Down to Earth crew would be out of cell phone reception for the coming days, not knowing what would happen to his Malibu house.

Halfway through episode 8, viewers were given an update about Darin’s house. Unfortunately, it was one of the properties which burned down in the Woolsey Fire. Darin’s ex-wife Eliza called and gave her condolences.


Screenshot: Down to Earth S1 E8 – Netflix


Screenshot: Down to Earth S1 E8 – Netflix

Darin’s Malibu house

Wellness expert Darin has spoken about the fire which destroyed his house on previous occasions. On November 12th, 2018, Darin even shared a picture on Instagram of the damage which had occurred.

In this post, Darin wrote: “This one hurts. House and all possessions did not make it. One of the biggest reset buttons of my life. I was out of the country. Probably better because I would not have wanted to leave.”

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Where does Darin Olien live now?

Darin still lives in Malibu, and from the looks of his Instagram posts, he lives on the same location as his previous house which burnt down.

Instead of rebuilding the property, Darin has assembled one of the Pacific Yurts. The company has been making liveable yurts since 1978.




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