Netflix brought a whole new type of dating show to its platform in September, Dated and Related. Since filming wrapped, there’s been a few hints of what the sibling pairs are up to, and whether they’re still with their new beau.

Spoilers: Kieran and Kaz initially hit it off with Nina and Diana, but there were a few twists, with Kieran finding a romantic connection with Alara, while Nina found love with Daniel Perfetto. Kaz and Diana stuck together, though.

There were three remaining couples, including: Kieran and Alara, Daniel and Nina, and Kaz and Diana. Let’s do some digging to find out whether their siblings really did help them find love in the romantic Cannes villa.

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Kaz and Diana

Kaz and Diana were together from the start, even sharing a kiss straight after his date with Corrina. By the end, they had told each other “I love you” before he officially made her his girlfriend.

They went on to win the $100K prize for their romance, and appear to still be together. Kaz commented on a recent photo of Diana and Nina with, “Come onn!! 🔥🔥”, which she responded to with heart emojis.

Kaz and Diana also hung out at Sundown Fest, along with the rest of the cast, where he appeared to be with her for the majority of the time. Nina and Diana’s shared Instagram account commented on his video with: “Best day🙌.”

Kieran and Alana

Kieran and Alana follow each other on Instagram, hinting that they are on good terms. They met after Alana walked into the villa with brother Ceylan in episode 3, which stirred a bit of drama for Kieran, who was getting to know Nina.

Well, she did warn the others in her confessional by saying, “I’m coming for your man.” Kieran, who dated Chloe Ferry, and Alana don’t seem active in each other’s photo comments, but they did make it to the final hand-in-hand.

Both based in London, winning didn’t matter to them because they’d found each other. Kieran said: “It’s been an amazing experience, we’ve met each other… and we’ve made amazing memories.

Daniel and Nina

Daniel and Nina, one of the three remaining couples on the Netflix show, are leaving flirty comments on each other’s photos. Nina has also stayed in contact with Kieran, who she was pictured with just days ago at a Sundown UK event.

She was with Kieran from day one, but changed her mind to Daniel when he approached her in episode 3. Nina recently left heart emojis on Daniel’s recent Instagram picture, hinting they are still very much loved-up!

Julia and Joey

Julia and Joey decided to call it quits on their short-lived romance. They both left the villa single, despite initially having the hots for each other, until she got put off by her brother Daniel’s close friendship with Joey.

During their romance, Julia was approached by Will Wade, but then realised she liked Joey and apologized to him. Julia is now focusing on her personal trainer career while Joey has remained good friends with his male co-stars.

Corrina and Andy

Corrina and Andy hit it off, but decided to stay friends instead of pursue a romantic relationship. While Andy thought Joey’s sister was “perfect”, he felt she deserved someone more similar to her, as they have different core values.

They didn’t have much time on their hands to form a connection though, as Andy was the final cast member to join the villa alongside his younger sister Rachel in episode 7. Although there was no drama, they didn’t have a real spark.



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