As dating series go, the producers always manage to pull in quite the cast of characters and strong personalities. From Love Island’s feisty singletons to the bizarre Bachelors and Bachelorettes we’ve met over the years, it’s definitely a prerequisite for these types of programmes.

But when it comes to Netflix’s Dating Around, the format is completely flipped. Sure, there are some daters who stand out on the show, but for the most part they are down to earth singletons looking for love.

One of the standout cast members of Dating Around season 2 has to be Professor Ben.

The sweet and shy academic had viewers falling head over heels for him, even though he wasn’t the smoothest when it came to dating. But many had more questions about where and what Ben teaches. Find out about his academic background here.

Ben Samuel in Dating Around S2 E2 – ANNIE FLANAGAN/NETFLIX © 2020

Meet Dating Around’s Ben Samuel

Ben Samuel is an assistant university professor originally from California.

Ben was entering Dating Around looking for his second relationship to date. His first and only relationship but it lasted over a decade. It ended after his then-girlfriend told him she wanted an open relationship.

You can follow Ben on Instagram under the handle @progresspian. Although unconfirmed, it’s pretty clear from Ben’s social media that nothing more happened with Alex after their second date.

  • UPDATE: Instagram hints Heather and Ernesto from Dating Around are together!

Where does Professor Ben Samuel teach?

  • University of New Orleans

Ben Samuel teaches computer science at the University of New Orleans. He joined their faculty in 2017 which led him to move to the city.

The subject of Ben’s career as a university professor came up in the Dating Around episode, as Stephanie, his blind date, was a student at his university. Stephanie is a student of mechanical engineering.

Ben Samuel’s academic background

In 2007, Ben graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz with both a BA in Theatre Arts and Computer Science. Ben lists himself as an actor on his Twitter, so clearly he also has a love for the arts. A year later, Ben graduated from Santa Cruz with a Graduate Certificate Degree in Theatre Arts.

At the same university, Ben pursued an MSc in Computer Science and graduated in 2012.

He went on to complete his PhD in Computer Science in 2016. Ben’s thesis was on ‘Crafting Stories Through Play’, which you can read here.

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