Dating Around has gone worldwide, as the first-ever series heads to Brazil. 

Dating Around Brazil launched to Netflix on Friday, July 10th and has already drawn in tonnes of fans.

The dating series follows a pretty standard dating format: one dater goes on a series of blind dates, they choose just one person to go on a second date with. Although this tried-and-tested format hasn’t worked on the American couples as of yet, fingers crossed it with work in Brazil.

One of the most talked about participants on Dating Around Brazil season 1 is Elena Marcondes. So, here is everything you need to know Elena, from her time on the show to her Instagram.

Screenshot: Dating Around Brazil S1 E1 – Netflix

Who is Elena Marcondes?

Elena Marcondes is featured in the first episode of Dating Around Brazil. Her friends describe her as “a real show off” who “speaks her mind.” Elena also “doesn’t like boring relationships,” meaning whoever was matched with her on the show had to have something extra about them.

Elena is a 22-year-old from São Paulo, Brazil. When she appeared on Dating Around Brazil, Elena had just graduated from business school.

In the episode, Elena explains: “I used to work in finance.” But when filming, Elena was not working.

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Elena on Dating Around Brazil

Elena went on five blind dates on Dating Around. They were with Gabriel, Marcus, Elivelton, Roberto, and Fabrizio.

She instantly clicked with Roberto, who runs a burger joint. Roberto gave Elena some advice on where her life was going, which earned him a gold star, then he opened up about his personal history which made Elena like him even more.

Roberto explained to Elena that he is trans. In the episode, Roberto said: “I was born a woman, and now I’m a man.”

It was eventually Roberto that Elena chose for her second date.

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Follow Elena on Instagram

Since appearing on Dating Around Brazil, Elena Marcondes has gained a large following on Instagram. Now, she has almost 20,000 followers. This is correct as of publication date.

In Elena’s Instagram bio, it has the quote: “A dor e a delícia de ser o que é.” This means “the pain and delight of being.”

This quote is actually the lyric of a famous Brazilian song called “Dom De Iludir” by Caetano Veloso. Caetano Veloso is a Brazilian singer, guitarist, writer, and political activist.

You can follow Elena on Instagram @lemarcondes



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