After what has felt like the wait of a lifetime, Dating Around has returned to Netflix for season 2, saving all of our summers in what is currently a reality TV drought.

The popular dating show follows a rather tried-and-tested format: one dater goes on five blind dates to see if there’s a special someone out there for him/her.

Although none of the relationships from season 1 went anywhere, that didn’t stop fans from falling head over heels for the show.

One of the immediate stars of Dating Around season 2 is Deva. We found Deva on Instagram to get to know her better, plus to see what happened next after the cameras stopped rolling…

Screenshot: Dating Around S2 E3 – Netflix

Who is Deva?

Deva Mahal is the third dater featured on Dating Around season 2. She is the daughter of famous blues musician Taj Mahal.

Deva clearly inherited her father’s musical genes and is, herself, a singer.

Although she’s now living in New Orleans, Deva was actually born in Hawaii. When Deva was 17 years old, her family relocated to New Zealand. This became a sore talking point in her Dating Around dinner with True. Deva then moved to New York to pursue a music career.

Deva has been writing and performing her own music since childhood, but her career really came into its own in 2017. This was the year she performed with her father in Michael Dorf’s tribute to Aretha Franklin at New York’s Carnegie Hall. They performed Aretha’s classic ‘Chain of Fools’.

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What happened with Deva on Dating Around season 2?

Deva had five dates while on Dating Around – Toure, Rueben, Maria, True and Brooke.

Usually the dates are hit and miss, however in Deva’s case, there were some which fell completely flat. Particularly Deva’s date with True.

In the end, Deva chose to go on a second date with New Orleans artist Maria. This was hardly a surprise, as the two really hit it off. Deva even knew about her art work before their date! Although there’s no word yet on whether things worked out for Deva and Maria, they do still follow each other on Instagram and regularly like one another’s posts – so it can’t have gone too badly!

You can check out Maria on Instagram at @maria_sandhammer.

Follow Deva Mahal on Instagram

If you want to know more about Deva Mahal, then we’ve got good news for you – we found her on Instagram!

Given her status as a musician and her father being Taj Mahal, Deva already has quite a following and is blue tick verified. You can follow Deva @devamahal

For the most part Deva’s feed is dominated with videos and pictures of her singing, but there are also family snaps with her sister Zoe.

We also learned from Deva’s Instagram that this year she underwent surgery to remove a “rather massive uterine fibroid tumor” in her words. Her surgery was on March 5th. The tumour was not cancerous and the surgery went well.



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