Selling Sunset star Davina Potratz had a message for the show’s producers after a fan questioned her “energy.”

Davina Potratz has appeared on the Netflix hit series since it launched in 2019. For the first seasons, the 44-year-old was labeled the “villain” of The Oppenheim Group by some fans. That was until former co-star Christine Quinn took over her title.

Selling Sunset is currently filming its sixth season. Fans will finally learn what their favorite realtors have been up to since then. As many have followed the stars through their social media accounts, they know a lot of drama awaits including new relationships and babies on the way.

Davina, who has recently been showing off her wild side, was questioned by a fan over a lack of “energy” on the series – and she had a message:

Davina Potratz calls out Selling Sunset’s producers

Viewers have been so focused on the likes of Chrishell Stause, Heather Young, and Emma Hernan they began to wonder why some cast members didn’t seem to match their energy. And Davina seems to be claiming it’s down to a lack of air time.

On September 7, Davina replied to a fan who said she was “absolutely mesmerized” by the reality star. But, after the fans asked where the same energy was in the series, Davina didn’t hesitate to reply: “Ask the producers!”

Reality Titbit has reached out to Davina Potratz’s representatives for comment.

Davina began as recurring cast member

Selling Sunset was released in 2019. It showed the personal and professional lives of Hollywood’s top realtors as they dived in to make their big commissions selling luxurious homes. Davina was introduced to the Los Angeles brokerage firm during its first season.

She began as a recurring cast member. However, the 44-year-old manager stayed throughout the seasons due to the drama she was bringing to the rest of the cast.

Because of her strong character and arguments with other realtors, fans of the series labeled her “the villain.” That meant Potratz had to deal with a lot of negativity from viewers and she left after the third season in 2020 after receiving an offer from The Oppenheim’s competition.

She told Page Six: “I actually am the jokester with my friends and I love being really funny and playful and I think that’s not really shown on the show.” However, the star returned halfway through season 4 and has been a regular cast member since.

Chrishell claps back at unnamed co-star

Chrishell Stause looks shocked as blonde woman stands in front of her
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Davina’s comments came after co-star Chrishell Stause took to Instagram to call out a member of the cast for being “thirsty” for air time. The reality star seems to have a good relationship with her cast members, making fans wonder who will be her next enemy.

Last week, the 31-year-old realtor expressed her anger at an unnamed co-star by calling them “fake.”

She claimed: “The thirst for camera time on season 6 is real. Wow. That was insanity. But also so transparent. Get your 15 minutes girl but leave my business out of it.

“Of course, you have a huge issue with me now, not before when you have a camera crew around you. I hate fake [poop emoji]. If you want camera time – just say that. I would have helped you get the right angle.”

Hinting at a dramatic season ahead, she concluded: “But don’t try to come for people I love or my business when you were added and I was there to hype you up excited for you. You guys are smart. I think you will see who is in need of attention and willing to throw anyone under the bus to get that 15 minutes.”



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