What is Daym Drops’ net worth? YouTube star joins Netflix on Fresh, Fried and Crispy

What is Daym Drops' net worth? YouTube star joins Netflix on Fresh, Fried and Crispy

As Fresh, Fried and Crispy gets its Netflix launch on Wednesday, June 9th, we explore the net worth of host Daym Drops.

Netflix has proven that they know a thing or two about creating engaging food content. Over the past few years, the streaming site has created original hit shows such as Chef’s Table, Street Food, and Ugly Delicious. Now, there’s a new foodie show added to the Netflix roster, which will have you drooling for its entire duration: Fresh, Fried and Crispy.

The show, hosted by YouTube star Daym Drops, will explore the best the US has to offer in fried food. Yep, you heard that right. Think fried chicken, waffles, pierogis, tacos, and more unique fried foods such as the ‘toasted ravioli’.

While Daym Drops might be new to some viewers, he has an established career working as a YouTuber. Let’s take a look at his net worth in 2021.

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Fresh, Fried & Crispy: Season 1. Episode 6, “Denver” Pictured: Daymon Scott “Daym Drops” Patterson (Food Critic). c. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021

What is Daym Drops’ net worth?

  • Around $900,000

As of June 2021, Daym Drops reportedly has a net worth of approximately $900,000.

This is a significant leap from his net worth a month prior, as in May 2021, the same net worth calculator approximated his net worth at $490,000.

It could well be that the release of Fresh, Fried and Crispy on Netflix has seen Daym Drops’ net worth soar.

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Salaries explored – from YouTube earnings to Netflix

Daym Drops, real name Daymon Patterson, launched his YouTube channel back in 2010. Since then, he has accumulated a following of over 1.5 million and counting. Check out Daym’s YouTube channel here.

YouTube has transformed into a bonafide career. Video creators such as Emma Chamberlain, James Charles and PewDiePie have shown that you can create fully-fledged careers out of creating YouTube videos. Daym Drops has done just that.

Net Worth Spot has calculated that Daym Drops could be making higher than $130,000 per year from his YouTube videos. This is as his YouTube channel attracts 2.25 million views a month, and around 75 thousand views a day.

Netflix brings in the big bucks

Daym Drops exact Netflix salary is unknown. However, as we have seen his net worth rocket since appearing on Fresh, Fried and Crispy, it is likely that he earned a pretty penny.

According to the Observer, some hosts for Netflix have earned around $12 million, with can be separated into at $2 million an episode. As that is based on David Letterman’s salary – who is one of America’s most distinguished and sought-after talk show hosts – it is unlikely that Daym Drops would be paid as much as Letterman.

However, Netflix are known for paying substantially more than other production companies. Netflix’s salaries are reportedly 25 percent to 50 percent higher than those at legacy media companies. So, Daym Drops can be expected to have earned a tidy sum as a presenter on Fresh, Fried and Crispy.



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