Deaf U: Who is Daequan Taylor? Meet the Gallaudet University student!

Deaf U: Who is Daequan Taylor? Meet the Gallaudet University student!

Netflix has just released its heartwarming new American docu-series Deaf U, and one of the cast members in the show is Daequan Taylor. So who is he?

Deaf U is a new reality series that follows the lives of a group of college students at Gallaudet University, a private university in Washington D.C. that specialises in teaching students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

One of the students who attends Gallaudet is Daequan Taylor. So who is he? Let’s find out a little more about him.

Who is Daequan Taylor?

Daequan is a senior at Gallaudet University, and he loves sport, often spending his time running track or playing football.

He grew up in Hampton, Virginia, and attended Kecoughtan High School where he played on the football team, living there until he moved to Washington D.C. for college.

His mother died when Daequan was just 14, and he spent most of his childhood living with friends.

How did Daequan become deaf?

Unlike many of the other students in the show, Daequan doesn’t come from a family with a history of deafness.

He lost his hearing at the age of six after having a seizure which broke a bone in his left ear. When the bone grew back, it grew over his eardrum, causing his deafness.

After the accident, Daequan still used his voice and refused to use sign language. In the series trailer, he said: “I’m from a hearing culture. I don’t sign all the time, I talk.” However, when he started at Gallaudet he spent two years learning American Sign Language.

Follow Daequan on Instagram

If you’re a fan of the show, you can follow Daequan on Instagram here.

He doesn’t post very often but has previously posted photos of himself playing football and hanging out with his friends.


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