Designing Miami star Eilyn Jimenez made her dream come true with one university decision

Designing Miami star Eilyn Jimenez made her dream come true with one university decision

Move over Selling Sunset and Million Dollar Beach House, there’s a new property series which is about to take things up a notch – Designing Miami follows Ray and Eilyn Jimenez as they go about creating some of Florida’s most highly sought-after properties.

Ray and Eilyn Jimenez are not just competitors working at Miami’s hottest design firms, they’re also husband and wife. Designing Miami, which premieres on Netflix this Wednesday, September 21, takes a peek into Ray and Eilyn’s hectic work and sometimes complicated relationship.

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Eilyn Jimenez initially had dreams about working as an attorney

Eilyn Jimenez, 32, was always passionate about design and recalls her childhood days spent rearranging bedroom furniture in Designing Miami. But this was not always her vocational pursuit. In fact, Eilyn Jimenez originally had plans to work in the legal profession.

“I always thought I wanted to become a lawyer, with the end goal of becoming a judge,” Eilyn told Rue Magazine about her early career ambitions.

After graduating high school at 16 – she was homeschooled – Eilyn began pursuing a business degree at the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica. “I knew this was something that would help me in the future,” Eilyn said in her Rue interview.

Eilyn switches course to pursue architectural design

During her second year at university, Eilyn Jimenez shifted stream to study architecture. This was after meeting the son of the Dean of Architecture and learning about the program.

While passionate about the design process, Eilyn realised that she was more focussed on the interiors than the exterior design while working on the course.

“I have always thought that the way a space is used internally has a huge impact on the overall architecture, but my professors disagreed,” Eilyn explained. “That’s when I knew I had a unique connection with interior design and decided to merge it with my architecture career.”

Sire Design has become one of Miami’s biggest design firms

After graduating with a degree in Architecture, Eilyn Jimenez was hired by a developer overseas. Here she began working on private homes, offices, hotels, restaurants and the like. Eilyn was later hired in a Miami showroom where she helped assist in the furnishing process for high-profile clientele.

Eventually, Eilyn Jimenez would go on to found her own interior design company, combining her knowledge of furnishings, interiors, and architecture.

Find out more about Eilyn and Sire Design by tuning into Designing Miami on Netflix.



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