Designing Miami's Steven and Ori opted for a career change after RS3 Designs

Designing Miami's Steven and Ori opted for a career change after RS3 Designs

Designing Miami is a brand new addition to Netflix in 2022. Eight episodes of the series dropped on September 21st and viewers were introduced to Ray, Eilyn, Karina, Ori, Steven and co in episode 1.

The Netflix show focuses on a husband and wife design duo Ray, 35, and Eilyn, 32. The two run separate interior design companies, Eilyn’s is Sire, and Ray’s, Raymond Nicolas, in Florida.

Steven was Ray’s right-hand man

During Designing Miami, Ray said that he had left behind his old business, RS3 Designs, and was embarking on a new venture alone, Raymond Nicolas.

Ray needed to set up a team and episode 1 saw him in the transition stage of leaving one business and going into another.

Speaking of design associate, Steven, Ray said that he had been “with him for three years now” adding that he’s “beyond valuable” and was his “right-hand man”.

Steven on Designing Miami

Steven appeared on Designing Miami’s first episode while riding in the car with Ray.

Ray expressed that he wanted Steven to join Raymond Nicolas full-time but he was unsure about what his current staff would decide to do.

Both Steven and Ori Avshara worked at RS3 Designs, but they went their separate way from Ray, rather than joining him at Raymond Nicolas.

Steven and Ori worked at RS3 Designs

For many years, Ray worked with Shannon Scott at RS3 Designs along with Steven and Ori.

Judging by Ori’s LinkedIn profile, she now works at ID & Design International in Fort Lauderdale.

Because Steven and Ori opted for career choices away from their former bosses, Ray was left without any staff on Designing Miami.

Ray’s new company can be found on Instagram at @raymondnicolasdesignhouse.



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