Diagnosis has been one of the surprise shows of the summer when it dropped to Netflix on Friday, August 16th.

The seven-part documentary series follows some of America’s most bizarre and seemingly-unsolvable medical cases, from Rasmussen’s encephalitis to Rumination syndrome, some of the rarest diseases in the world are shown.

And it all stems from Dr Lisa Sanders’ New York Times column, where she crowdsources for answers to these rare conditions.

Season 1 had viewers shocked, amazed and, most importantly, hooked. Already fans of the show are demanding a second season!

So will there be a Diagnosis season 2? Here’s the lowdown on the medical mystery show’s renewal status.


Screen Shot: Diagnosis Dr Sanders – Netflix

How does Diagnosis work?

All seven episodes in the first series of Diagnosis are based on real-life medical cases that Dr Lisa Sanders wrote about in her New York Times column.

She wrote these pieces over the course of a couple of years and the documentary – produced in part by The New York Times – was created alongside.

Lisa is continuing to write her Diagnosis column, but she has not yet branched out to crowdsource again. The last crowdsourcing attempt to find a diagnosis was for 44-year-old Ann who was featured in episode 7. She asked for diagnoses help on November 16th, 2018. You can read the article here.

Will there be a Diagnosis season 2?

As of yet, there is no official confirmation that there will be a second series of Diagnosis returning to Netflix.

But, as mentioned, Lisa is continuing to work on her New York Times column (which can be seen here) and so there are plenty of cases that could be the focus of season 2.

The response to the show has been overwhelmingly positive with fans demanding a second series. One said they “need #Diagnosis season 2 ASAP!!”

Netflix would be silly not to follow up with a response like this!

Potential Diagnosis patients

Dr Lisa Sanders writes two Diagnosis columns per month and so she could really follow up with any of the patients featured and focus the second season on them.

A case from May 15th, 2019 was particularly fascinating. A 16-year-old boy from Chicago had MRI scans on his knee and the imaging results suggested he had cancer. But no doctor could prove it from his bloodwork.

But we think a second season will be signalled when Lisa is crowdsourcing for answers again in her column. Be sure to read her column for updates on the rarest and bizarre medical cases in the meantime!