Rumours have been surfacing social media that Selling Sunset‘s Christine Quinn used a surrogate during her pregnancy…

Selling Sunset is back! Season 4 has brought back our favorite real estate agents to our screens, along with some newbies. Vanessa Villela and Emma Hernan are two new agents at Oppenheim Group.

Christine Quinn is a cast member of the show, and viewers have been questioning her pregnancy. Reality Titbit have found out if these rumours are true.

Selling Sunset | Season 4 Official Trailer | Netflix

Selling Sunset | Season 4 Official Trailer | Netflix

Did Christine use a surrogate?

Christine Quinn has denied the rumours that she has used a surrogate. She took to social media to defend herself.

The 33-year-old shared a message that she had received on Instagram which said: “Why did you fake your pregnancy? It’s totally OK to admit to having a surrogate but don’t set unrealistic expectations for PP moms when you didn’t even carry the baby yourself”. Christine denied this claim, and shared this message to her story, calling them “sick”.

Selling Sunset: Where have these rumours come from?

These false rumours have come from speculation on a thread on Reddit. Viewers of the show were asking why Christine looked pregnant in some scenes, however not pregnant in the next.

However, other viewers defended the Selling Sunset star, saying that the editing on the show will be the reason for this. The way the show is edited means that scenes can jump from one day to months later.

Viewers of the show were also concerned about how fast Christine bounced back after her pregnancy, as she was seen presenting Epop in stiletto’s just 10 days after the birth of her child. They were also confused to see her doing Yoga so soon after her c-section.

Christine responded to these rumours on Twitter, saying:

“I never worked out after my c section. Are you smoking Crack? Where did you read that. The yoga scene I was pregnant. It took me 4 months till I could even start yoga again.”

Christine had a traumatic birth experience

Christine Quinn announced the birth of her child on the 19th of May. In her Instagram caption, she said that her and baby Christian were “lucky to be alive”.

She explained her traumatic birth experience in her Instagram post, which said:

“I was immediately rushed in to an emergency crash C-section due to both our heart rates instantly plummeting. Baby C umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. Baby C was seconds away from not making it. The surgeons didn’t even have time to count their tools before stitching me up as I was flatlining”

She thanked surgeons for saving both herself and Christians lives. Christine believed she couldn’t be a role model without being authentic and sharing her vulnerabilities.



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